Mobile Solar Generators: The Benefits For Your Business

The whole world is more than aware of the negative impact that humanity puts on our blue planet; burning fossil fuels that sends millions of tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere, and we are all looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Enter the solar mobile generator that is powered by a combination of solar and stored battery energy, a truly green solution to maintaining precise temperatures in remote locations.

Off-Grid Solutions

Australia, for example, is a very big country and if you store refrigerated goods in a remote place, the solar generator is most definitely for you. Once the unit is onsite, simply press a button and the solar panels will be deployed and the system will automatically switch between solar panel energy and stored power in the battery to maintain the optimum temperature.

Diesel Generators

This has always been the tool to provide cold climate environments for product storage. We all know how that affects the environment, yet with mobile solar generators, your goods are maintained at the desired temperature without the need for electricity or diesel-powered generators.


Remote Monitoring

If you use a smartphone app, you can monitor your solar generator to ensure that all is well and the optimum temperature is constant. Should there be an issue, you will know about it. The typical temperature range is +2C to +15C and that can be maintained, even at temperatures above 50C, making for the perfect green solution that eliminates diesel generators.

Energy Independence

It can be a real problem if a location has unreliable electricity, or worse, none at all, yet with solar solutions, you are completely independent for your energy requirements, using the sun’s energy to refrigerate your produce. During the day, the solar panels charge the lithium batteries and when the sun goes down, your unit remains a constant temperature, and it is possible to merge with the national grid of a diesel generator if you wish.

Reduce Your Running Costs

Using solar solutions to keep your produce in prime condition saves you money, as you do not need electricity of diesel to power your generator and over the years, this saving adds up. This is perhaps the biggest incentive to switch to green energy solutions for mobile cooling, and if you would like to crunch the numbers, talk to a reliable supplier of solar mobile chillers and cold rooms.

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

UPS is the goal for every business that stored produce at cool temperatures, and as the national grid is never certain in remote regions, you can have UPS with solar solutions. The best thing to do is search online for an established company that offers UPS solutions using solar energy, and they can make some recommendations.

There are many sectors that make good use of solar mobile cold rooms, such as NGOs, agriculture, aquaculture, event management, remote medical storage and even the military. If you would like to adopt a greener approach to your refrigeration, solar energy is the perfect solution, and the supplier can easily be found with a Google search.

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