MDC Canada Review: Licensed Canadian Immigration Consultants

Canadian Immigration Consultants

Canada is known to be one of the friendliest and most welcoming countries in the world, embracing all cultures, religions, and nationalities. But, if youíve ever tried to find reliable immigration professionals online, you may have come across some companies that are less than genuine in their intentions. So who are MDC Canada, and are they licensed Canadian immigration consultants you can trust? In this MDC Canada review, weíll take a look at their services and how they work.         

As the pandemic continues to keep travel restrictions in place, Canada remains set on inviting over 1.2 million newcomers to join their community before the end of 2023!

In fact, it had recently launched six new immigration programs aimed at fast-tracking people with previous Canadian work experience in healthcare and emergency services as well as education, construction, and agricultural sectors, among others, to immigrate to Canada.    

Canada also continues to accept visa applications. Truth be told, Canada never stopped accepting applications and has already invited 66,475 people to apply for permanent residency through the Express Entry system programs alone!

Can Anyone Immigrate to Canada? 

100 percent yes. As long as candidates meet the general requirements to be deemed admissible to Canada, they’re eligible to apply for a Canadian visa.    

Canada has over 100 immigration programs and visas to choose from. The main problem is finding the one that suits you best and will give you the best possible chances of success. This can be an extremely time-consuming process, and the application process can get quite technical. If, for any reason, your application is incomplete, filled in incorrectly, or supporting documentation is missing, your Canadian visa application could be delayed or even worse, denied.    

Having a professional immigration consultant by your side that offers regulated and accredited Canadian visa application services can not only help improve your probability of receiving your visa, but will also streamline the entire process for you.

About MDC Canada

Multi Dimension Consulting, or MDC Canada, at, is a well-known immigration agency located in Vancouver, British Columbia. These licensed Canadian immigration consultants have been helping clients from all over the world live their Canadian dream. Whether you want to immigrate, study, or work in Canada, MDCís Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) have ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) accreditation and years of experience in their field. Their RCICS are:

  • David Allon, 
  • Ying Liu,  
  • Jaehyun (Jimmy) Park, and
  • Giovanni Mariella.

They have all undergone rigorous intensive training and are highly knowledgeable of the Canadian immigration system and the visa application process. In fact, all MDC RCICís have personally gone through the immigration process themselves, making them passionate about helping others make their dreams a reality.

MDC: Canadian Visa Application Services

With over 100 Canadian immigration visas and programs to choose from, making the best selection is not always as clear-cut as it may seem.

Step 1: Determine Your Eligibility

When using MDC’s services, the first step to be taken is to determine why you need a visa and which visas and programs you qualify for. This is done by completing an in-depth eligibility assessment which is reviewed by their RCICs. Once they have selected the best options for you based on your needs, you will be able to move on confidently to the second step of the Canadian visa application process.

Step 2: Choose Your Visa Program and Sign Retainer

The next step in the process is for your dedicated RCIC to present you with the best visa options selected from over 100 possibilities and for you to choose which program you would like to apply for. Once you have decided which option you would like to proceed with, the only thing left to do is to sign a retainer with your RCIC, which gives them the authority to handle your visa application for you.

Step 3: Submit Your Documents & Start the Application Process

Once you have officially become an MDC client, you will be given access to your very own Visa Profile Builder, which is an online dashboard containing all your information and supporting documentation. You will also have direct access to your RCIC, as well as round-the-clock support. All your documents can be uploaded straight to your dashboard for our RCICs to verify. Once all the paperwork is in order and your application forms have been completed, your RCIC will submit your application for you. And the best part is that you will be able to track the progress of your visa application in real-time from anywhere in the world!

MDC Canada Review:  Conclusion

Whatever your reason for wanting to immigrate to Canada, Multi Dimension Consulting (MDC Canada) are experienced and licensed Canadian immigration consultants who pride themselves in helping people actualize their Canadian dreams. They offer extensive and personalized Canadian visa application services and have helped thousands of clients successfully move to Canada.

For more information about their services, visit MDC Canada here.