Limburgs Beer at the Top of the Beer in Netherlands

Limburgs Beer Hertog Jan Grand Prestige is the most popular Beer in the Netherlands. The Beer from Arcen is number one in the Beer Top 100 of Bierista, an independent beer website. According to Van den Broek, the yeast, malt, and aroma are the secret of success.

More than 2000 Dutch enthusiasts of speciality beer voted for the Beer Top 100 for 2020 on the independent beer website First, a home-grown beer boasts, second and third place goes to Belgian beers.

Hertog Jan Grand Prestige is the tastiest speciality beer of the past year, according to beer lovers. This stout, dark Beer of 10%, brewed in Arcen in Limburg, has already been awarded several times by professionals worldwide, says Gerard van den Broek, master brewer of Hertog Jan appreciation is excellent, but we brew it for enthusiasts. And if the public names your Beer as a favourite, then I am very proud of it! ‘

Varied choices for Beer

Tripel Karmeliet and Westvleteren 12 have been chosen as numbers 2 and 3, respectively. ‘Beer, and special beer, in particular, is more popular than ever,’ said Alain Schepers of beer community Bierista, which organized the election. ‘The variation in the lists is striking. There was a lot of voting for widely available beers from well-known brands. We also saw many unique beers from small craft beer breweries from both the Netherlands and abroad. ‘

Limburgs Beer : Dark Beer

Hertog Jan Grand Prestige, a stout, dark beer of ten per cent, received the most appreciation from more than 2,000 beer lovers who were allowed to vote in recent weeks. The Beer received an 8.6 score. The brewery from Arcen beat Westmalle Tripel, Westvleteren 12 and Tripel Karmeliet.

Limburgs Beer : Purveyor to the Court

Hertog Jan is also the court’s purveyor in terms of the number of Limburg beers in the list. Ten different beers from the Arcense brewery appear in the top 100. Alfa from Thull (four times), Gulpener (three times) and Brand from Wijlre (twice) are also included in the list.

Limburgs Beer : Happy

At Hertog Jan they are happy with the prize, master brewer Gerard van den Broek says. “Hertog Jan Grand Prestige has already won many awards at competitions all over the world. Judges, brewers and beer sommeliers judge these competitions. That appreciation is excellent, but we brew the Beer for the enthusiasts. And if the public likes your Beer. favourite, I am very proud of it! “