Licit Ways to Make Money From Cricket During IPL in 2022

1. Blogs, Memes and Websites

With its absence of privacy, social media, of course, never runs out of entertainment. Users glued to their devices are always looking for a sneak peek into famous people’s lives. And obviously, our hotshot IPL players are no exception. . Memes are a great way to make a quick buck during IPL if you’re the creative one and can set off a viral trend on social media. Of course, you can also begin writing or blogging about IPL. YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are other platforms where the masses consume your content, and if they like it, you can make more of it and even monetize it.

2. Fantasy Leagues

Fantasy Leagues are where you create your team with players from the ongoing season. Meanwhile, the performance of these players in actual games earns you points and monetary rewards. Better the team, the bigger the rewards. Choose your players wisely, and you can make a fortune. Few are MyTeam11, Dream11, Playerzpot, MPL, Probo and Howzat.

3. Arrange well-nigh T20 Tournaments

You can organize a hyperlocal T20 tournament with local sponsors of your community or society. Every season is hyped by cricket enthusiasts, which will encourage people to participate. Also, it will be fun to see your neighboring uncle aunties sort out their spats through cricket matches. Plus, you will earn some quick bucks; win-win this IPL season.??

4. IPL Merchandise

India is a nation that is cricket-crazy and will live up to this title during any Cricket tournament, be it T20, ODI, or the World Cup. So if you’re looking for cashing in on this cricket tournament, you can create and sell IPL merchandise such as caps, bats, jersey replicas, quirky quotes from players on t-shirts, mugs, diaries, and so on. In addition, there is a highly functional wholesale market during the IPL season where you buy and sell these items at retail pricing.

5. IPL Screenings

We have been to cricket screenings probably once in our lifetime, particularly in a café or bars. But why does it has to be bar only? Instead, you can arrange an IPL screening in your society’s community hall or even your school playground (with official permission, of course). On top of this, you can organize happy hours with local drinks and delicacies with some cover charge, and there you go, people would love to hop in.??

Can anything be better than a cricket frenzy for cricket-crazy people?