Instagram Story Viewer: How to Watch Instagram Stories without Being Seen


Instagram is about sharing everything on social media and attracting people to your account through interactive content. Where you can post content not only on feed posts but also on Instagram stories, reels, and through live streaming.

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View Instagram Stories Anonymously

People want to know the life of others and if you are also one of them who stalks others? profiles and don?t want them to know. This article is for you, we?ll help you find the ways through which you can view others? stories without even letting them know.

No matter if you are blocked from their account and you want to have a look at their progress as a competitor or marketer. You can view private Instagram accounts by following smart ways and the best thing is you wouldn’t get noticed.

Make Use of Airplane Mode

First, you need to open your Instagram App and then wait until Instagram stories are loaded completely. After you ensure that the Instagram story you wanted to view is loaded, it’s time to turn your phone on airplane mode.

Now you can click on the Instagram story without any fear of being known, after that simply close your Instagram app and press the power button. Then press the power button again and turn off airplane mode. In that way, the other person wouldn?t even get to know that you have seen their stories.

That?s the easiest way of viewing stories anonymously.

  • Look for Third-Party Online Tools

You can find several tools and apps through which you can view others? stories without letting them know. You can research on the internet and you?ll find several apps that cost nothing and you can download them for free.

The good thing is that you don?t have to create a new account or log in to your account through any other browser or download new software. Below are some top tools through which you can view Instagram stories without being seen:

  • Story Saver
  • Anonymous Stories Viewer Pro for Instagram
  • Gramster
  • BlindStory
  • Storized

Also if you want to keep those stories saved on your phone, you can simply download them. The only thing that you have to care about is that the Instagram account should be public.

If those stories are of private accounts, it wouldn?t be possible for you to download them through these apps. You need to free up some space from your phone before you start downloading them. As it?ll be saved as a video and will take up some space.

Slide a Little and View

Trying this technique is a little bit tacky, you need to click on the Instagram story of another person?s story next to the story you want to view. Instagram stories are one after another, so you can slightly hold one story and view the first frame of another story that you want to view.

In that way, you can get a glimpse of that story, and wouldn?t appear in their seen list. Also if that story is still not clicked you can see the first frame of the story by doing the same process on the story posted previous to that. Although it’s difficult to view the full story through this method you?ll get the idea of the story.

Create a Fake or New Instagram Account

This is the most common way of viewing others’ stories without letting them know. Simply create a new account and don?t show your real identity on that. The good thing is that you can even like or comment and do other activities also through this account and they wouldn?t even know who you are.

It’s better to use VPN while creating a new Instagram account as it?ll keep you safe from the Instagram algorithm. You can even  instagram followersfor that account to attract users and make it look real.

Final Thoughts

You might find yourself in a circumstance where you wish to watch someone else’s Instagram Story privately. This functionality is still not natively supported by Instagram. Nonetheless, by employing the 4 clever strategies described in this post, it is still feasible to see Instagram Stories anonymously.

When the account is open to the public, the process is even simpler. You won’t be able to find and watch the Stories if the account is set to private, especially if you try to download them or use third-party tools.