How You Can Build Your Own Mine For Excavating Precious Minerals

Your own Mining

Mining is when you extract precious minerals from the earth. To extract valuable items from the ground you need the correct equipment to dig holes. Excavators, skid steers and other loading equipment work well for this kind of work. However, skid steers are more affordable.

Our best advice is to find a company that offers a premium skid steer for sale that you can use to get started. On the other hand, there are many aspects you must consider before you start building your mine. In today’s article, we’ll be discussing the basics of mine building. Continue reading to find out more.

4 Types of Mining

Before you build your mine, you must first figure out what type of mineral you want to extract from the ground. Deciding on the type of mining you want to do will also give you an idea of where to start digging. After all, you can’t dig for coal in a location where there’s only oil.

Let’s go through the types of mining so you can pick which one you want to do.

1. Oil Mining

Equipment is used to extract high viscosity oils from the ground such as bitumens or heterogeneous pools. Oil is used to fuel vehicles, to make plastic and to manufacture petroleum products. The oil mining industry in Australia is valued at $31.4 billion.

2. Coal Mining 

Coal mining is when you extract large lumps of coal from the ground. It’s the most abundant energy source in the world. These coal rocks are used as fuel to generate electricity or for steel production. Australia’s coal production is said to increase from 409 million tons to 444 billion tons by 2024.

3. Metal Ore

Ore is a natural rock that contains valuable minerals inside of them. These valuable minerals are metals that can be extracted from the rocks, treated and sold at a premium profit.

This process is a lot more difficult than oil or coal mining because you have to extract the ore first to get to the precious minerals. In 2019 Australia was the world’s largest producer of iron ore and produced 37% of the world’s output.

4. Non-Metallic Mineral Mining

Non-metallic minerals don’t have any metals present in the rocks or items extracted from the earth. Examples of non-metallic minerals are limestone, sand, gravel, marble and clay. The non-metallic items are used to make cement, glass, ceramics and furniture.

You’ll Need the Correct Equipment

Have you selected the type of mining you want to do? If you have then it will give you an idea of what sort of mining equipment you’ll need for the job. Take a look at the following types of mining equipment.


Trucks are needed to either load the materials you’re mining to transport them or to dispose of rubble. You’ll need a fleet of trucks to move items from one location to another fast so you can keep the flow of production.

Earth Movers

Earthmovers are perhaps the most important machines you’ll need to start building your mine. You need to dig up the ground so you can mine the items that are deep in the earth. To do this you’ll need machines that can move rubble and dirt out of the way in large piles.

Here are a few types of earthmoving machines you can use:

  • Skid steer loader: A skid steer loader is a versatile machine that you can use to dig, push or move dirt and rubble. These machines are affordable and get the main job done fast. Find a skid steer for sale near you so you can look at its build quality before you make any payments.
  • Bulldozer: If you want to level the ground you’re working on then use a bulldozer. It’s a powerful machine that can move large quantities of sand, rubble and debris easily.
  • Trenchers: A trencher is a large machine used to dig deep ditches in the ground. You can use these trenches to lay utility lines for gas and electricity if you’re planning on working deep underground.  

Blasting Equipment

Blasting tools help you get through large solid rock when you’re mining. Typically you’ll use a device that allows you to detonate your explosives at a safe distance. You must practice extreme safety measures when handling explosives onsite to ensure the well-being of you and your employees.

Get Your Mining Permit

Now that you know what type of mining you can do and the equipment you need to get started, you’ll need a permit to operate. If you intend to carry out mining on any specified land you’ll need a license to do so.

The mining license allows you to mine any minerals on the land covered by the permit. Furthermore, you can construct facilities needed to mine minerals provided the license covers it.

Final Thoughts

The most expensive part of mining is the equipment. Therefore you should find a reputable company that sells affordable machines required for your mining business.

So are you ready to start digging for valuable minerals? Good luck!