How to Stay Secure When Growing Your Business

Growing Your Business

Despite being a positive outcome of all your hard work, business growth comes with a lot of challenges and risks in terms of safety and cyber security. However, in addition to using XDR to improve your cybersecurity defenses, here are some cyber security tips that you should implement straight away to secure your growing business.

Tip # 1: Regularly update your software

Not only is it necessary to update anti-malware, but it is also important to use updated versions of applications, operating systems, firmware, and browser plug-ins. This helps patch security vulnerabilities and protect against cyber threats. Once security vulnerabilities are patched, the risk of your systems being compromised is lowered. In most cases, software updates run automatically thus no work is required on your part except to double check to be sure. 

Tip # 2: Strengthen Password Security

Passwords that are weak, shared or easy to guess leave the company quite vulnerable. Therefore, it is recommended to use a password manager to generate unique passwords. A password manager also stores your log-ins securely, ridding you of the hassle of remembering passwords or writing them down.

Tip # 3: Lock Down Your Devices

Ensure that all mobile devices are locked as this will prevent a data-thief from gaining immediate access. Furthermore, encrypt all sensitive data to prevent it from falling into the hands of the wrong person. Lastly, built-in tracking (standard wit iOS and Android) should be used to locate and lock or wipe lost devices.

Tip # 4: Be cautious while downloading 

When downloading and installing browser plug-ins or other software be extra cautious because usually it is likely that free software or software that is not from a recognised, trusted software vendor may include features that install harmful programs or spy on all of your activity. To prevent such cyber security attacks your security policy and settings should allow users to install programs that are enabled by your system administrator.

Tip # 5: Be Wary of Phishing Schemes

Always be cautious when you receive an unsolicited email that has hyperlinks and attachments. Phishing attacks attempt to try to entice users into opening a file that is loaded with malware, or else they lure you into visiting a site that runs malicious scripts on your computer. Be sure to notify your administrator upon receiving anything suspicious or consult the experts.

Tip # 6: Prefer to share information as opposed to sending it via email

When you send an attachment via email you lose control over that file as the recipient has all the authority to forward it or store in on an unprotected device, which increases the risk that it may fall into the hands of unauthorised people. Instead of emailing files, use a reputable file-sharing app or cloud storage service. Thus you will be able to limit access to shared files by sending a link to the file instead. Dont forget to use XDR to improve your cybersecurity defenses