How to Send Mass Emails: 4 Helpful Tips and Tricks to Skyrocket Your Conversion Rate

Send Mass Emails

Email communication is by far the most powerful tool for businesses looking to reach their target audience. Whether it’s cold emails or an email newsletter to past customers, knowing how to send mass emails is essential for your business structure due to its high conversion rate and effectiveness. Creating these marketing campaigns isn’t as easy as simply writing a basic email—there is a plethora of strategy and skill put into them. If you’re looking to up your sales game through email marketing, we’ve created a list of the four best practices to make sure you’re effectively reaching your target audience.

1: Stay Organized and Learn by Sending With a Mass Email Software

One of the most efficient and effective ways to create a successful email marketing campaign is through a mass email software. These helpful extensions allow the user to have additional tools that they typically wouldn’t have in traditional email softwares. While it varies from software to software, many extensions, such as Gmass, allow the user to create contact lists imported from Excel, break the email limit that Gmail puts in place, and even actively avoid spam filters. By taking advantage of these tools, you can spend less time importing contacts and designing an email that will dazzle your recipients to create more conversions.

2: Intrigue Recipients With Clever Subject Lines

The most crucial step of the entire email campaign process is the subject line. Before the recipient opens your email, they will read this and determine whether they’ll open the email or send it to the trash folder. Without an engaging subject line as a foundation, an entire email campaign can crumble in seconds.

These three excellent practices will help engage your audience and raise your open rate:

  • Include a sale deadline to create time sensitivity: readers are significantly more likely to open your email when there is some type of deadline to an offer or sale that they need to act on quickly
  • Personalize the subject line with the recipient’s name: by adding that personal touch, recipients will feel more compelled to open the email because the subject explicitly addresses them by name
  • Use witty language and emojis to reel them in: if you can make the recipient laugh with your subject line, that’s an effective way to make them open the email

3: Place Engaging Imagery to Pique Interest

Once you’ve written a successful subject line that intrigues your audience enough to open the email, there’s still more work to be done. The design of your email itself is another essential step in making sure that once opened, your recipients won’t immediately unsubscribe or delete the email.

In the modern world of the web, most people don’t want to read much while browsing the internet. This translates into emails, too, making cutting down on text-heavy paragraphs an critical step in the writing process. We suggest supplementing large amounts of text by adding in large, engaging imagery that fits with the message you’re trying to convey in your campaign. Not only are these more visually appealing, but they help keep your audience’s attention at the same time.

4: Avoid Common Spam Words to Avoid Filters

While some mass email softwares have tools implemented to help your email stay out of the spam folder, there is still some language that will set off the spam detector if included in your email. While it’s important to have engaging call-to-actions that are appropriately time-sensitive, it’s also important to know common phrases that come off as spammy. Some of these include “act now”, “click here”, and even “please read”. Keep these language restrictions in mind when writing your email marketing campaigns to ensure your hard work will get read.

Email marketing is the most effective way to get in touch with your followers and convert them into new sales. The world of marketing is always changing, meaning that it’s crucial to continue learning and keeping up with the trends and understanding how to send a mass email. By keeping your designs and language fresh and fun while also using a mass email software for organizational purposes, you’ll start seeing your conversion rates skyrocket in no time.