How To Market Your HVAC Service Business in 2021

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Nowadays, the HVAC installation and repair industry has grown to become bigger than ever before, but at the same time, it’s also becoming a very competitive industry.

While in the past most HVAC service businesses can simply rely on word on mouth marketing, yellow pages, and direct mailing in growing their businesses, that is no longer the case in this age of the internet and social media.

Today, when you need an AC unit installed, you can simply go to Google to find the highest-reviewed contractor near you, or you might just ask around on social media for a recommendation from your friends or peers.

As we can see, online promotions and marketing are now very important for any HVAC service business, but at the same time, it’s not as simple as launching a website or a social media account and hoping the traffic will come to your site.

A proper marketing strategy is now required if you are really looking to grow your HVAC service business, and below we will share some actionable tips on how you can grow your HVAC service business quickly and effectively.

1.   Deliver on Your Promises: The Foundation of Marketing

Before we discuss any marketing technicalities and jargon, we have to remember that as a service business, the most important marketing effort you can do is to provide great service to ensure a great customer experience.

We have to make sure to be always on time with every service appointment while ensuring various service excellence factors such as:

  • Having the right tools/equipment ready
  • Having the right supplies/consumables ready
  • Finishing the job on time
  • Having the right people with the right expertise on the right job
  • Ensuring a seamless booking experience, as well as easy, no-hassle payment/billing

Using HVAC scheduling software like fieldd can significantly help in ensuring the best possible experience for all your customers, while at the same time can allow your technicians and staff members to focus on the job that matters rather than spending their time on administrative tasks.

Fieldd  can also help in streamlining your after-sale CRM services like managing gift voucher systems, launching lead-nurturing email and SMS marketing, and so on.

By delivering the best possible service, you can convert happy customers into advocates that will recommend your HVAC service business to others. They can also leave positive reviews on your online listings, review sites, and social media which can be a very valuable asset for your business.

This remains the most effective way in growing your customer base even in this digital age.

2.   Optimize Your Local SEO

People now rely on Google (and other search engines) and social media in finding local businesses and services.

The thing is when you search for something like “HVAC contractors near me”, Google now displays results from Google Maps on the very top, and to be more specific, Google only displays the top three results before users need to click “view all”.

If you can get on these top three spots, you can significantly attract more prospects and bring more people to your business, and although it might sound intimidating, local SEO, or to be more specific, Google Maps SEO, actually consists of just four simple steps:

  1. Claiming and verifying your Google My Business listing: Google Maps displays listings from Google My Business, so the most crucial step is to first claim and verify your listing.
  2. Optimize your listing: focus on providing complete and accurate information for your users rather than ‘pleasing’ the search algorithm. Use well-taken photos that represent your business.
  3. Build local citations: list your HVAC service business on local directories, be consistent when mentioning your business’s Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP).
  4. Generate more reviews: get more people to leave (positive) reviews on your Google Maps listing and any other relevant online review platforms

Do these consistently, and you’ll see your listing slowly climb the Google Maps ranking

3. Build a Professional Website

Your website is not solely an online poster or brochure, but when optimized properly can attract more customers to you even if they’ve never heard of your business.

Especially if you’ve optimized your local SEO, you can bring more people to your website, which in turn, can lead to more calls and reservations.

According to Garo Tanzi, a web designer based in Perth, an HVAC service business website should offer:

  • Clear, prominently-displayed name, address, and phone number (NAP)
  • Secure (HTTPS instead of HTTP) and fast browsing experience
  • Mobile-friendly or mobile-responsive
  • A clear description of the services you offer and the benefits you can provide
  • Easy way to contact you (a contact form or a chatbot)

Make sure your phone number and/or the “contact us” section are easy to find on any device (even on smaller screens).


In this digital day and age, leveraging your online presence is the most effective way to attract more people to your business and grow your HVAC service business. However, it’s also important to make sure you are delivering the best possible service and always deliver on your promises. An all-in-one field service solution like Fieldd can help in building a great customer experience and growing your business.