How to Incorporate Amazon Into Your eCommerce Strategy

eCommerce Strategy

Amazon has been one of the most revolutionary impacts on the way we shop and experience brands, and the platform is only getting better and more in tune with our growing needs. Because Amazon is such a big fish, there is a perception out there that it is a hard channel to master, and the barrier to entry is unattainable to the average eCommerce business.

This couldn’t be less true and it’s probably why Amazon has grown as fast and consistently as it has because it is available to all. If your eCommerce business is slowing down or picking up – Amazon might be a way to diversify your audience and customers. Let’s learn how to incorporate Amazon into your eCommerce strategy.

Firstly, what does the data tell you?

Any successful business will warn you against jumping into an opportunity without assessing the situation and trying it on before committing time or financial investment. Amazon data scraping can be incredibly illuminating in finding out what the landscape looks like for your niche on Amazon.

These data scrapes are carried out by licensed companies, and extract data from Amazon to tell you how much products are being sold, inventory numbers, search history for that product and many more details that can set you up for success. Not enough people are utilising these functions online, and it can give you a serious competitive edge if you are starting out on the platform.

Just imagine if you had a brick and mortar store and you could somehow get a catalogue of the stock your competitor is selling, for how much, and which customers were interested in purchasing. Start selling on Amazon with 100% clarity of the market and the opportunity that is there.

Link your Amazon store to your other channels

If most of your customers find your Shopify store through your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or TikTok accounts – be sure to let your audience know that you are now on Amazon too. Not only does this drive traffic to your new online store, but it might actually attract a certain audience type that wishes to buy from you but usually only uses platforms with some clout.

Your Amazon presence might even ‘legitimise’ you in the eyes of those less versed in online shopping. You can even change your Google My Business website link, Instagram bio and Facebook profile to link straight to your store if this is where you anticipate the bulk of your orders to be converted and processed.

Develop your brand on Amazon

Amazon is an online marketplace but don’t think for a second that you have to conform and have a basic store presence. The most successful stores have approached the platform with a strong branded identity on Amazon, and you will need the same if you want your customers to remember you and return for a unique experience and better products.

This doesn’t just mean your visuals either, as you can use a brand tone that also emulates what you stand for and what your customers can expect. If you are unsure how to start, there are many tutorials online which can teach you how to build a branded ‘storefront’ while complying with Amazon rules, and you could also have your friends and customers give you feedback on what they think of this branding and what can be improved.


Amazon has brought a whole new meaning to flexible business for millions of stores, and you can also get great success from the platform if you use it correctly. If you are not yet familiar with Amazon as a customer, we would suggest you have a play around and buy a few things for the experience and context before you build your own empire on Amazon.