How Can Call Center Outsourcing Replace In-Shop Promoters?

Call Center Outsourcing

When your customers have so many ways to reach out to you, staying on top of customer service can be challenging. In today’s competitive business world, you should be able to effectively connect with your customers on the channels they prefer, answer their questions, and efficiently resolve issues that can arise. Business organizations outsource their customer service operations to specialist call centers to manage communication levels across various channels.

Call center outsourcing can be defined as a strategic business decision to leverage a third-party organization, called a Business Process Outsourcer or BPO. It helps in managing call center operations effectively.

Here are some benefits of call center outsourcing:

  • Lower Costs

Call center outsourcing not only helps in eliminating call center set-up and staffing but also lowering internal overhead costs.

  • Flexibility and Adaptability

Call centers are experienced in monitoring and managing changes in call volumes, especially during peak hours. They have more experience in working with a variety of campaigns. This also allows them to change the processes with changing client needs rapidly.

  • Quality Monitoring

Call centers record all calls and store transcripts of chats. The recordings are then reviewed, scored, and shared with the clients to evaluate overall performance.

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

With call center outsourcing, you can manage communication through different channels. These channels range from email, voice, and live chat to text, chatbots, and more. It not only helps in saving costs but also leads to higher customer satisfaction.

Trusted brands like KENT have introduced the world’s first video-based platform for sales and support – CamCall. It is an app-less system and does not need any software installation. Customers can easily initiate a video call using a web link.

What makes KENT CamCall a unique solution?

  • Plug and Play Solution

With the plug and play solution, you can go live in less than 60 minutes. It is a cloud-based software and is easy to set-up compared to other calling software present in the market.

  • Supervisor Monitoring

It is a cloud-based call center solution that enables supervisors to easily go through all the records and information, thus, ensuring that agents efficiently handle customers. Metrics such as total calls and average handling time are readily available for analysing an agent’s performance.

  • Smart Call Distribution Logic

Cloud-based call center outsourcing offers call distribution logic, which is designed to deliver higher agent productivity and customer satisfaction. You can play custom video ads during waiting time.

  • ThirdParty Integration

KENT CamCall is easy to integrate with websites, allowing customers to initiate video calls effortlessly. CRM integration simplifies the agent’s job as they can quickly access customer information and handle more queries in less time.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the occupancy of in-shop promoters has significantly dropped, which has led to a drastic reduction in ROI. To increase the ROI, deployment of virtual promoters powered by a video-based sales platform can help a lot.

Given below are different ways with which call center outsourcing can replace in-shop promoters:

  1. Enhancing Digital Channels of Communication

Video-based platforms offer high-quality live video calls to give a unique experience to customers. They enable agents to deal with the toughest days, and difficult customer interactions are made easy. Video calls can be initiated using a web link, QR code scan, or digital marketing ads.

  1. Pitching Product by Sharing Presentation

Utilizing a video-based platform allows agents to share AV content through screen-sharing on a video call. During an ongoing video call, customers can also share their screen with agents so that they can easily understand the query. It also helps in improving the first call response.

  1. Keeps Customer Data Safe

Call center solutions offer superior data security, reliability, and compliance. Reliable video-based platforms like KENT CamCall provide end-to-end encryption for all the data. They eliminate the potential risk of data mismanagement and help in delivering a reliable customer experience.

Call center outsourcing allows you to breathe easy because you know that a professional outsourcing team is taking care of the tasks on your behalf. As a budding entrepreneur or an established business, you should definitely consider outsourcing some parts of your business. Reliable products like KENT CamCall are considered top call center outsourcing solutions that come with unique features like video calling, supervisor monitoring, third-party integration, and low bandwidth requirement for a better customer experience. Book a free demo!