Free home delivery of dairy products in Indore amid Covid surge

To stop the surge in coronavirus infections, a complete lockdown has been imposed in Indore. A major decision has now been taken to provide free home delivery of milk and dairy products by Indore Cooperative Milk so that the general public do not face any problem of getting everyday essential food services.

Indore Cooperative Milk Union President, Moti Singh Patel, said due to the Covid-19 infection, milk and milk products will be made available through free home delivery to the consumers of the city.

Consumers who will send the demand for ‘Sanchi’ milk and milk products worth more than Rs 200 to the Dairy Federation, the service will be provided free-of-cost to them.

The consumers can order for milk and milk products by dialing on the mobile number 99934-36828 of Indore Cooperative Milk Union from 11 a.m to 4 p.m during office hours. Milk and milk products will be sent through home delivery by the Milk Union on the next day after receiving the order.