Corporate Marketing Video as an Effective B2B Marketing Tactic

photo video camera with empty white screen in audience recording

Animated video isnít just a chance for your company to use graphics to stand out and look good, itís a great chance to provide customers and prospects with key information on your product or service to help them on their journey to buying from you.

Style and substance

One of the many benefits of animated video is that you can combine visually creative and attractive designs with the inclusion of informative and sales-driven facts. You can also add nice touches to bring your company to life such as creating animated versions of your CEO or another board member, and do the same for a particular element of your product or service that entertains and informs people at the same time.

Stat attack

Video is the present and the future of marketing. In the last two years, between 50 and 60% of online content consumption has been video compared to other static content, and this is especially true of people below the age of 24.

Searching for a good production company

Once youíve crossed the boundary on deciding on whether to go ahead and produce corporate oriented videos and youíre on the lookout for an agency, there are some things to look out for that will stand you in good stead for this next chapter in your firmís marketing journey! This article contains a few tips on how to choose the right agency for your company, and how to make sure your videos are just how you want them.

A crowded field

Although we mentioned the stats for online video and the importance of using it, the sheer number of video content online now means that to stand out or even be seen at all, your content needs to be compelling. Itís estimated that almost 90% of businesses around the world currently use some kind of animated video, which has grown from around 60% as recently as 2017.

A whole world of potential

The type of video you choose also obviously has a big impact on budget and timeframe that you can get your video published. Corporate animated videos are much more cost effective than videos with live action footage. But itís not just about the cost Ė animated videos are an extremely effective way of promoting your brand in a slick, professional way, and to get into the world of your target customers and prospects.

You can use media to bring the written word to life, to demonstrate your firmís expertise in its field, and to build engagement by bringing emotions in people such as humor, information and color that itís simply much more difficult to do in a written word.

This is why itís great your company has decided to join the video revolution, as itís more and more essential to generate leads and build your position in the market.