CAIT urges PM Modi to roll out e-commerce policy

Malpractices of e-commerce firms are a major hinderance for traders to adopt online business, the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) has told Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The CAIT, in a communication sent to Prime Minister Modi, said that the traders across the country are more than willing to adopt e-commerce as another business avenue under the “Digital India” programme, however, repeated violation of FDI policy and other rules by e-commerce companies are proving to be a major roadblock in this direction.

It urged the Prime Minister that an e-commerce policy should be announced immediately with an explicit provision of an empowered regulatory authority to monitor the sector’s business in India.

Furthermore, CAIT said that anomalies and disparities of “Press Note No. 2 of FDI policy” should be removed and a fresh “Press Note” should be issued containing “explicit and speaking policy of the government”.

According to CAIT, the “Vocal for Local” and “Aatmanirbhar Bharat” call of the Prime Minister can be a game changer for the domestic trade of the country which has immense capabilities and capacities to produce high quality goods.

“However, the campaign needs to be taken on streets and for this purpose, CAIT has suggested that Prime Minister Modi to constitute a Joint Committee of Government officials with representatives of trade, consumers, civil society and small manufacturers at national level, state level and district level of every state across the country to take the campaign down the line and encourage more and more people to associate with this innovative campaign which will dignify India as a most self dependent nation around the world.”