9 Challenges That a Small Business Is Forced To Tackle After Applying for a Loan


The initial years of any new business setting up are somewhat challenging. Every day is a challenge as problems just keep coming up. Despite all efforts, problems do not want to leave their side. Though with time, things start settling down, and the profits increase. However, many start-ups lose fervor by that time and consider themselves failures.

Thus, you will find these businesses dying out within six months of starting. If you are also planning to create a new business, here are 9 very big challenges that you might face.

Financial planning

If you want everything to take off smoothly, you need to have the correct level of resources. This implies that your team should be equipped with everything, however necessary it is. All this effort requires you to have some sort of sound financial backing behind you.

Without the funds, you will always feel restricted when it comes to making important decisions. Small business loans help in sorting the funds in a more synchronized manner. Contact https://www.nav.com/small-business-loans/to get a strong idea of how you may get the necessary funds for your businesss growth.

Finding customers

This problem is faced by any business, however big or small it may be. Customers for small businesses are hard to come, especially if there is no word of mouth. There are multiple channels through which you can promote yourself.

However, which platform is most useful remains an unlikely scenario. The best-case scenario here is to prepare a buyer persona, so you know what kind of customer you are looking at. Once you have an idea of the same, you know which segment of the customer to target.

Increase brand awareness

If customers dont know you, do not expect them to come looking for you. Companies whose brands have become household names have faced rejection too. You will have to frame out a strategy to increase your brand awareness.

Firstly, public relations are a great way to increase your brand recognition. You could also partner with another brand so that some of its visibility can transfer to your brand. Content marketing or blogging is another simple way to let customers know that you exist.

Building an email list

Email marketing is a rather personalized way to tell your customers about yourself. But sending emails to the same customer’s list is not going to yield any results. You have to keep increasing that email list regularly.

Prepare to opt-in email lists with email ids of those customers who have given you their details willingly. Such people are most likely going to buy your product further on. You can add opt-in buttons on your blog, which customers read and subscribe to for more information.

Lead generation

Generation of leads is another issue that small business is faced with. A successful lead generation engine should give you leads even if you are not paying much attention to it. Your website is a vital tool to get the leads you need.

Prioritize the most critical pages on your website and place them accordingly. Use pop-ups, hello bars, and slide-ins to get customers attention attracted. Free marketing tools help increase the leads that you may get out of the blog and website.

Making customer happy

Customer satisfaction is a thing of the past. Nowadays the customers want to be delighted with what you have to offer them. This is because such people are the ones who are going to recommend you to others. This kind of happiness comes when you exceed the expectations that people have set for you.

To ace this, you should understand what the customers need. Set deliverable expectations at the beginning of your association itself. Deliver these expectations and find ways to surpass what they are looking for.

Hire talented people

None of these problems can be tackled if you do not have a strong team at hand. Hiring a robust team is complicated, and a lot goes behind finding individuals who can deliver. If the hiring is not efficient, your entire productivity suffers.

Dont hire with a short-term goal in mind. Invest some decent hours in deciding what kind of workers would be apt for the job. Submit the job description to various portals. Screen out candidates who are not close to what you are looking for. Finally, do your interviews carefully and get the best workforce.

Manage workflow

Now you have the team for the next task to effectively manage your workflow. Your team may be facing roadblocks that you have no idea about. Have employee satisfaction surveys regularly to know what ails your employees.

You could also have one on one meeting and check their reports to see how they are progressing. Ask them about the threats to the business and find out the pain points which could be stopping you from achieving success.


Initially, we want rapid growth for our brand. However, if you’re going to grow quickly, you will have to keep hiring, which is a problematic and money-draining activity. Your existing team would be busy training the new hires, and that is tiring for them too. Instead, concentrate all your attention on the essential details.

For example, product perfection is not so crucial, but customer satisfaction is. If your customer is happy, he will most likely refer you to his other references as well. Keep an eye on the competition to have a fair idea of what you can be faced with.


Any new business has to take certain baby steps in the beginning. There would be hurdles and obstacles coming in the way. You have to be prepared for them, and hopefully, the above ideas would be a great help.

It always takes time for the business to settle down and start yielding profits. Maintain patience as the rewards that you reap would be enough. Any hurried decisions could only complicate matters. All those who have expected quick returns on the investment have had to face failures too. However, strategic planning and tactics can be highly fulfilling.