7 Ultimate Tools to Automate Your Dropshipping Business Model

Dropshipping Business

We are working professionals who seldom have time to breathe in a world that demands speed. There is only so much time in a day that we can spend working because we have a family to cater to.

If you’re looking to make some quick money online through dropshipping, automation is the way to go! Automating your dropshipping business model will allow you to become more efficient.

Automation is the best way to oversee the whole of your business at the convenience of a click!

What does Automated Dropshipping mean?

Automated dropshipping is the use of technology to manage tasks that we would do ourselves in a dropshipping business. The main goal is to keep repetitive or tedious tasks away so that the owner can prioritize marketing, content, and customer service.

Automation does not always have to include AI or other technological tools. You can delegate your tasks further to freelancers or contractors who can help you run your dropshipping business. You can hire qualified people to manage your tasks so that you have more time to overlook the other important aspects.

We have curated a list of the 7 ultimate tools to automate your dropshipping business model!

1. Use a Chrome Extension

To begin your automated dropshipping business model, you can add the Oberlo Chrome Extension to your browser. Oberlo has a user-friendly Chrome extension that lets you add items to your dashboard while browsing through items on AliExpress.

You can choose any item you’d like to sell in a tap! The products you choose to sell shall appear on your Oberlo dashboard with the product details. The reason the extension is so effective is that it completes all the tiring listing work for you. You can meanwhile focus on browsing and adding new and trendy items to your list.

2. Customize Automated Emails

You can use Shopify to create automated email templates free of cost. There are 20 different templates to create automated emails. You can customize automated emails for canceled orders, refunded orders, order confirmation and failed checkout, etc.

Shopify even gives you the option to receive desktop notifications each time a sale is finalized on your account. In this way, you will be alerted to your new sales.

3. Trust Facebook Pixel

We know that a lot of dropshipping business models are unaware of this tool. However, hear it from us that it is extremely useful! You can use your Facebook ID and add it to your Shopify dashboard.

Facebook Pixel alerts you if the customer deletes your product to add another. It can even tell which product is drawing more sales and traffic. Well, Ta-Da! Your sales will shoot up if you act on the pre-informed data given by Pixel. Pixel can also track the web pages that consumers are visiting.

4. Use Buffer to Manage your Social Media

To aid your dropshipping business model, you can use Buffer to manage your social media. Posting daily at a specific time can become challenging as your workload increases. Buffer is a free scheduling tool for Social Media.

Using Buffer, you can schedule your social media posts for a week or even for a month. Buffer links its platform to your social media accounts and keeps posting your posts for you. This way, you can keep one day a week to schedule all your upcoming posts.

5. Price Multipliers

Oberlo offers an automated price multiplier feature. You can set “international pricing rules” that automatically prices products. This feature saves you the trouble of setting prices manually.

For example, if you sell women’s apparel, garments might not cost $2, but jewelry might. So, you have to set average retail prices to ensure that an accurate multiplier is in place.

6. Automated Tracking

“My product hasn’t arrived yet!” You don’t want to manually check each order to respond to these queries. So, by using “http://www.17track.net/en/track?nums=”, on your Oberlo dashboard, you can notify customers about their shipment status.

This will reduce the number of customer queries and emails. This will also allow you to have more time to focus on things that are bigger priorities.

7. Photoshop or Remove Background Tools

Products, at times, have confusing background images. It is ideal for you to have a consistent background for all the items you sell to avoid your images getting reverse-searched.

Photoshop helps to manually remove backgrounds from photos. However, Remove.bg too removes background images instantly.

Summing Up

Your dropshipping business model can earn you huge profits if managed efficiently. It can allow you free time to focus on other business tasks like marketing.

By allowing automated tools to take care of your manual work, you can make your business model more efficient. If you resort to automated dropshipping, you’ll have to hire and manage less number of people. This way, you can run a profitable dropshipping business without much hassle!