7 Tips to Measure and Improve the ROI of Your Website


Your website has a large impact on your business’s success. But it can be tough to know whether your website is pulling its weight or doing a good enough job. Today, let’s take a look at seven tips you can use to both measure and improve the ROI/return on investment of your business website.

Learn to Use Google Analytics

First and foremost, you need to learn to use Google Analytics: one of the most important measurement tools to come out in the last decade. Google Analytics will allow you to analyze your website’s performance and track different KPIs or key performance indicators, such as:

  • Total website traffic
  • Conversion rate
  • Pages visited
  • Site heat maps
  • And more

All of this information will be vital if you want to both measure and improve the ROI of your website for long-term success. It can also tell you if your ecommerce email marketing agency’s campaign is working, if your PPC ads are bringing customers, and more. If you haven’t used Google Analytics before, get familiar with the interface and the different tools available to you before proceeding.

Analyze the Types of Visitors Your Site Sees

Next, you should use Google Analytics to analyze the different types of visitors your website receives. For example, do you get most of your visitors thanks to the efforts of an ecommerce email marketing agency? In that case, where do those visitors land – on a landing page, product page, or somewhere else?

All of this information can help you determine:

  • Which pages need the most attention (based on how many people visit them)
  • How you should design your site to bring in as many customers as possible based on where the customers come from
  • And more

Use Google Analytics to determine your website’s most and least popular pages. The most popular pages need to be improved first and foremost. Redesign those pages so there aren’t any broken links and so they are very easy to navigate through.

Start with the Landing Page

Above all else, however, start with your site’s main landing page. The landing page is the most common page new site visitors “land” on when they arrive for the first time. The landing page must be attractive and compelling, plus make it easy for a prospective customer to make a purchase or sign up for a subscription.

Redesign or improve the landing page right away. This is arguably the single best way to improve the ROI of your website, bar none.

Test Your Site’s Navigation

But you should also navigate through your entire website and ask yourself whether the experience is enjoyable and intuitive. If you find it hard to navigate through your site or locate a specific product, odds are your potential customers will think the same things.

If the site’s navigation needs work, hire a web developer or designer to rework it and make it easier to click through. Make sure that customers can find all the products they may want or need quickly and easily, usually within a few clicks. Your site should also load very quickly; you’ll boost website ROI just by eliminating lag and optimizing it for mobile users.

Optimize for Mobile

As touched on above, you should optimize your website for mobile users and shoppers to improve its ROI. More than half of all Internet traffic comes from mobile users these days. That’s a massive potential customer base you could be ignoring if your site is only usable on desktop computers.

Make sure your website’s pages are streamlined, simplistic, and don’t include any unnecessary elements. Once your site is optimized for mobile visitors, you may just see spikes to your conversion rate.

Consider Acquisition Channels (and Improve Them)

Lastly, consider the different acquisition channels your website may connect to. Acquisition channels are things like social media leads, PPC ad clicks, or email newsletter clicks. If you understand where your customers come from, you can improve those acquisition channels and boost your site’s performance as a result.

For example, an ecommerce email marketing agency like QuaGrowth could help you boost your marketing emails by redesigning them, curating a better email list, and more. A good ecommerce email marketing agency will be necessary if you want to improve your customer acquisition via email.

Alternatively, maybe your PPC or pay-per-click ads aren’t performing as well as they should. If that acquisition channel is suffering, take steps to improve those advertisements by:

  • Redesigning them so they look better
  • Fixing their calls to action so they are more compelling
  • Reworking the text so it’s punchier and more engaging
  • Etc.

Ultimately, practicing these tips will help you maximize your website’s effectiveness and make it a great place for your target customers to stop by. Implement these tips ASAP, and you could see massive improvements to your online store revenue in a matter of weeks. Good luck!