6 ways to adapt QR Codes in your business Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

Table of Contents:

1. What is a QR Code?
2. What does a QR code contain and how it is created?
3. What is a Dynamic and Static QR code?
4. How will Dynamic QR codes help your business during COVID-19 Widespread?
5. (6) Ways to adapt QR codes in your business amidst Coronavirus outbreak!
6. Conclusion

The 2019 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) outbreak has caused a destructive impact on the global economy and has tremendously shaken financial markets. This pandemic is seen to be  one of the biggest threats that will change the way people consume and interact- for an indefinite period of time.

According to reports, many small and medium-sized business owners are already feeling its severe effect, claiming that the Coronavirus phenomenon, is starting to cause supply chain disturbances and loss of revenue in the construction, retail and manufacturing industry.

Although the world has been through many economic dilemmas, COVID-19 will not only cause distress to the business sector worldwide, but also, will greatly influence consumers purchasing behavior.

So how will you stay above in the middle of this global crisis and avoid business fallout? The answer:  Dynamic QR codes.

What is a QR code?

I guess we have all been familiar with this black and white squared image that comes with  tiny dots, right? This is a QR code. QR codes have two types: Static and Dynamic.  Dynamic QR codes allow you track data.

What does a QR code contain and how is it created?

QR code contains various types of information when scanned using only your phone’s camera in a photo mode or QR code reader apps. It could lead you to  a website, video content, image, data, audio or document file, just by scanning the code.

All you have to do is point your camera steadily towards the QR code in 2-3 seconds, and it will then unlock you to the digital dimension with a wide array of information, based on the data embedded on a QR code as mentioned above.

QR codes are generated using a QR code generator online. 

What is a Dynamic and a Static QR code?

A dynamic QR code is:

  • An advanced QR code that is customizable
  • Brands can edit/change the content of your QR code and redirect it to a different destination address
  • Save money without having to reprint your codes when updated
  • Allows data tracking
  • Gives you a better understanding of how QR codes are applied successfully to your business, with its capability to track the performance of your campaign data
  • Analyze the profile of your scanners such as their geographic location (country/city), what time they scan, the device they used (android/iphone) and more

Static QR code:

  • Does not allow data changing
  • Suitable for one time use
  • You can create for free
  • Not recommended for business, marketing or advertising

How  will Dynamic QR codes help your business during  COVID-19 Widespread?

Dynamic QR codes have long been integrated into the business and marketing industry, but a lot of people still might not be fully aware of its uses. With the worldwide crisis the entire humanity is currently facing, this innovative technology solution will absolutely come ~extra handy~ for your business.

QR codes lessen the required human interaction activities. Nevertheless, it provides accurate and fast information that is quickly accessible through smartphones. Social distancing is highly advised by the World Health Organization as the continuing battle of the Novel Coronavirus is still on the rise, which is why, QR codes are critical to use right at this very moment for your business.

Various countries are on temporary lockdown and  travel restrictions  are strictly implemented in hopes to curb the spread of the deadly virus.

Several social events had been canceled, such as Sports and Cultural, political gatherings, conferences, conventions and concerts. These activity postponements are made throughout the world.

6 ways to adapt QR codes in your business amidst Coronavirus Outbreak!

  1. Roll out gamified TV advertisement

During this time of distress and high anxiety, Burger King, an American multinational burger food chain, came up with the fun use of QR codes to bring some levity and source of great entertainment to people’s day who are sheltered indoors.

The well-known hamburger fast food restaurant, advertises QR codes on television screens that will appear bouncing from time-to-time encouraging TV viewers to “come and play” and scan the moving QR code that will pop up during TV commercials. If the viewer is quick enough to catch it, then, a free whopper prize awaits for them!

But wait- it isn’t that easy. Not every QR code that bounces on your television screen while you’re binge-watching would lead you to your whopper prize. Where’s the challenge to that, right? To give the fun a little twist and excitement, the viewer would have to at least stay pretty much in tune on their television screen to catch the real whopper prize! (just a great idea).

With millions of people stuck in quarantine, this might just be one of the best ideas to advertise and promote your business straight to people’s homes, while providing them some interesting enjoyment and distraction they can play with!

  • Virtual Grocery store

Tesco opened the first virtual store in Seoul, a subway station in South Korea in 2011 for tech-savvy commuters who are always on the  rush with their everyday routine.

People don’t need to line up in long queues to cash out their orders, which avoids overcrowding. They can simply pass by, scan the product code, order and go home.

Customers can instantly download the Homeplus app into their mobile phones and scan the QR code attached to display items that they like to purchase.  The scanned products are then placed in the online shopping cart of customers, who pay electronically after their orders have been completed.

Afterward, the goods will be delivered straight at the doorstep of the customer. They don’t need  stay outside for hours and risk their health of catching the virus!

  • Electronic Payment
  • payment via QR code technology does not only eliminate the inconvenience and lengthy process of traditional cash and card transactions, but, processing online payments and fund transfers through this medium is one way to prevent the  risk of virus transmission through material payments. 

It is the easiest way and cost-effective means of making money “on the move” without putting your health in danger.

Payconiq is one of the examples that uses this kind of method.

  • Website QR code for your business page

This QR code falls under the category of URL QR codes. Create a QR code to redirect your scanners straight to your website or personalized landing page. It is a great way to drive traffic and extra sales to your site. This can be used on posters, flyers, brochures, pamphlets or digital signage.

  • Retail

The increase of fear and worry among people due to the Coronavirus epidemic,  Chicago’s Restaurants and Bars have been temporarily closed down to safeguard the public from the disease widespread.

Though some other countries are not resorting to brief establishment shutdowns, taking precautionary measures to avert customers from the fatal virus transmission is still a must.

Using QR codes attached to menus or printed materials, customers can scan and order directly without having to call on a waiter which lessens human contact/ interaction as possible.

Moreover, they can even pay after scanning the code. It creates a digital menu and promotes an independent ordering system for customers and speeds up the whole processing order. To create a menu QR code can be done in PDF, JPEG or PNG.

6. Product packaging

QR codes on product packaging is  a great way to engage people and connect your products with customers in a more personalized way.

For example, you can embed video content on your QR code, and when consumers scan it, it will redirect  them to  a video page that shows your brand’s story and how your goods are manufactured. Not only it shows transparency, but it also promotes a shareable customer experience. 

In 2016, the Nestle food company collaborated with Google to launch QR codes on Kitkat packaging.

The consumers scan the QR code attached to Kitkat products, which will then provide  nutritional information, along with entertainment content such as comedy videos, gaming, music, and sports.

This gives consumers a revolutionized and enjoyable  break time experience using QR codes!


Don’t forget to add a call for action, it is guaranteed to get 80% more scans. Make sure your landing page is mobile friendly and can instantly be interacted  with!


With the pressing uncertainty of the Coronavirus rapidly rising, it is expected to enter any nation sooner or later. And when it does, the destruction becomes unavoidable. The role of business employers response to this global health issue is crucial.

Adapting the Quick Response (QR) code technology to your business strategy is one way to ensure continuity and operations with safety and precaution. This approach promotes minimal exposure to human engagements, nevertheless, it bridges the communication gap with much more precision and less risk of disease transmittal!

It is vital to take action and curb down the negative impact rather than to feed on it. QR codes are small, but a potent business marketing tool that could save lives. Use QR codes now and stay safe!

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