6 Reasons You Should Get New Jersey Rapid Covid-19 Testing for Businesses


As a New Jersey business owner, onsite rapid testing for your employees may seem like an unnecessary headache and expense at a time when you need simplification most. But the reality is that testing has proven to be a powerful tool and investment. Read on to learn how!

1. Avoiding Outbreak-Related Closures and Lost Revenue

Being closed by an enforcement agency isn’t the only way your business is vulnerable to an outbreak. COVID-19 and its emerging variants are highly contagious, meaning multiple people can be infected by just one person.

Too many of your staff getting sick can mean you can’t operate at normal capacity. And the wrong person getting sick – like someone in charge of dealing with important clients and vendors – can mean lost revenue through missed opportunities, untrained staff trying to fill in, and more.

2. Defense Against COVID-19 Liability Lawsuits

COVID-19 has posed legal questions with no precedent, meaning that it will be years before legal standards for pandemic situations are fully fleshed out. Some states and federal relief bills have attempted to address legal liability in new laws, but the overall trend appears to be that companies in compliance with safety measures will not be held responsible – for now.

Going above and beyond by implementing regular employee testing in excess of guidelines can be powerful evidence against anyone claiming you were negligent in following recommended health and safety guidelines.

3. Employee Morale and Confidence

Regular testing done by healthcare professionals can be a relief for employees with young children at home. Employer-sponsored testing doesn’t just ensure employees don’t get each other sick; it also means parents who test positive can make sure they don’t spread the virus to their families.

Plus, any employees who can’t benefit from full immunity – like people who have received organ transplants – will see that their safety is truly being valued and prioritized.

4. Staying One Step Ahead

Some jobs are impossible to do remotely. For employees who regularly travel, work events, are classified as ‘essential’ workers, or who have to regularly provide negative COVID-19 tests in other situations, employer-sponsored testing is practical. Cultivating relationships with a mobile COVID-19 testing service also means that you can get someone tested outside of regularly scheduled testing should the need arise.

Regular testing also allows you to schedule employees in teams, meaning that if someone gets sick, you have backup staff ready to go so that you can keep operating smoothly.

5. Community Relations

Showing you prioritize your employees’ safety is important at a time in which multiple industries are being scrutinized for how employees are treated. People are becoming more conscious regarding where they spend their money and want to support the businesses that support and protect their employees.

Regular testing will also show the health department and other enforcement agencies that you are being vigilant regarding safety, which can improve your professional relationships as well.

6. COVID-19 Testing Service Incentives for Businesses

If you’re interested in New Jersey rapid COVID testing for businesses, you should be aware that some services offer incentives for both large and small businesses. Benefits from such mobile medical services include progressive discounts for groups and ongoing contracts, as well as guidance regarding the best ways you can comply with COVID-19 regulations.

Perhaps best of all, these companies are well-versed in the new employee rights requirements surrounding COVID-19 testing.

This means they can help you make sure you distribute, collect, and properly process the necessary forms and waivers the law requires.

As a New Jersey business owner and employer, it’s important to be able to distinguish unnecessary fluff and smart investments. COVID-19 is unlikely to fully disappear, and many suspect we are likely to experience another pandemic again in our lifetimes.

Aggressive safety policies don’t just protect your business now – they poise you to be ready for the challenges the future has to offer.