4 printing tips for business events

business events

At business events such as fairs and networking drinks, you obviously want to be recognizable to your (potential) customers. It is also a great opportunity to create brand awareness. Printed matter in your own house style can play a major role in this. Also checkout PrintSafari that can print you event tickets with quality service and affordability.

In this article you will find 4 examples of printed materials that you can use during business events and what the advantages are.

Why should you buy a promotional gift?

Would you like to boost your company by increasing brand awareness? Then promotional gifts are the best option! Promotional gifts can be used in many ways – at trade fairs, with an order or simply for your employees – and they are available in countless options. This way you can choose the best product you want to promote your business with.

By giving away a personalized promotional gift, your customers will not only be grateful, but also be reminded of your company more often. This is possible, for example, by printing your logo on a Coffee to-go cup. When the customer uses the cup, he or she is constantly reminded of your company. Of course, there are many more products you can use to promote your business.

Print your own corporate sweaters

One of the ways to create recognition at a business event is with printed clothing. For example, get a sweater printed (translation: sweater bedrukken) with a company logo. That way you will be instantly recognizable and visitors to the event will know that they have to come to you for a chat. Do you prefer to come in your own clothes? Then you can also think about a name card or button. 

Stand out with original business cards

At business events there is a lot of networking going on. It is therefore very important not to forget your business cards! The more original your business card, the more you stand out among the competition. For example, you can choose business cards in a distinctive shape. Do you sell ice cream? Then make cards in the shape of an ice cream! Other examples of original business cards are business cards made of durable paper or business cards with a colored core.

Print folders with company information

Had a good networking meeting? Then give them a folder to take home! Printing folders (translation: folders drukken) gives your customers an opportunity to read the information at home. A brochure is compact, but has enough space to put information in it. Do you have a lot to tell? Then you can also think about a brochure. If you only need a front and back to tell your story or campaign, you can print a flyer.

Handing out a promotional gift

A promotional gift can be just that little extra to win over a business contact. Business gifts come in all shapes and sizes and therefore do not have to be very expensive. They can range from inexpensive pens with a logo to custom-made gifts. Business gifts that are often used at trade fairs and events include pens, canvas bags, peppermints and USB sticks. Tip: choose a business gift that fits in well with your organization’s industry. This will make it easier to make the connection with your organization. 

These are just a few examples of how you can create recognition at business events. What printed materials do you already use?