10 Important Sales Lead Tracking Tips for Sales Success

Sales Lead Tracking

Youíve spent countless hours building your sales funnel. Youíve got a great product and you canít wait to share it with the world. You launch, itís a great success, youíve got more leads than you can handle.

Hundreds of new potential customers are signing up each day. But whatís happening with them? Who gets their information? And how does your company follow up with all of them?

If you arenít tracking your leads, and guiding them towards the sale one step at a time, then youíre losing money every day. Keep reading for ten sales lead tracking tips to help guide your potential prospects through your funnel.

Tip 1. Know Where Your Leads Are Coming From

Every source of new leads needs to be named and tracked. Know your conversion rates for every landing page and social media post. When you know where your leads are coming from you can track which ones send the most qualified leads to your sales team.

If youíre looking for a great way to track where your leads are coming from, this is a great†Leadfeeder Competitor†and will show you who is visiting your website every day.

Tip 2. Have a Place to Send Them To

You need one CRM that will capture all the information about all your leads coming from every discovery channel. Whether they find you on your website, social media, or a guest podcast you did last year. They all need to land in a singular focused location.

Tip 3. Create a System and Stick to It

Once you have your organizational tools in place you can create a system to receive the information and funnel them towards a nurture sequence. This should be automated so that your team can focus on the hot leads at the end of the funnel.

You canít scale without an automated system, so create this now so that as you grow your business youíre ready.

Tip 4. Funnel Them Through a Nurture Sequence

Not every lead is equal. Some will be immediately interested while others will need more information before they can make a decision. Donít send every lead straight to your sales department.

Instead, weed out the lukewarm prospects and only send the hot prospects to your sales team. Then keep sending information to your other leads until you can determine they are ready to move up through the sales funnel. Then you can send them to your sales team.

Tip 5. Track Your Conversions

As you send leads to your sales team, track their conversions. You will see your sales increase as you implement this system of tracking them and funneling them towards the sales. No longer will you send cold leads to your sales team.

Your sales team will see better sales and increased morale as you work towards this better system.

Tip 6. Donít Be Afraid of Change

As you track your conversions, donít be afraid to change. To grow and scale your business†you need to be agile†and willing to change.

Tweak different aspects of your funnel to improve the conversion rates. Continue to track and tweak until you have a fully optimized and automated lead generation and tracking system.

Tip 7. Track Your Touches

Regardless of your platform, CRM, or nurture sequence you need to track the information that each lead consumes. This will show you who is warm and reading each email and which leads have gone cold.

Have a system that tracks each touch between your future customers and your business. Whether it’s reading an email and downloading a free report, or if it’s speaking with a sales member, it all needs to be tracked.

This information will be automatically entered into your CRM to label and score each lead for your sales team.

Tip 8. Label and Score Your Leads

As mentioned earlier, not every lead is created equal. This is true at the beginning of your funnel as it as the end. Donít send leads to your sales team without giving them a label and a score. This will allow your sales team to quickly see how they should approach each lead and what information they need to close the sale.

Tip 9. Distribute Your Leads Quickly to Your Sales Team

Leads go cold very quickly in the sales process. Donít let your leads get away by not following up with them in a timely manner.

Funnel your warm prospects to your sales team with the correct tags so your team can take action and close more sales. Regularly follow up so that your warm leads stay warm and don’t go cold.

Or worse. Find a competitor that does have its sales nurture system setup. Act quickly and follow up regularly.

Tip 10. Measure Everything

The final and biggest tip is to measure everything. You canít make educated decisions about your process without data. Track and measure everything so that you can make strategic decisions about your sales process.

You might have built your business by following your gut. But you will grow your business by following the numbers. Track your numbers and make educated strategic decisions based on this data.

Grow and scale your business today

You run a successful business. And you want to scale, but how can you do this with your old manual sales process? Unfortunately, you canít.

So, take the time to create a system and automate the process so that your company can take it to the next level. Use these sales lead tracking tips to increase your conversions and your bottom line.

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