YouTube Tools for Creators and YouTubers

YouTube Tools help you optimize video content. It is significant to rank and accessing the audience on YouTube. Fortunately, a lot of the popular SEO rules apply here as well.

Find the right keywords to communicate significance, design an actual user experience to drive engagement, and use analytics to discover and fix whatever is not working. YouTube is enormous! It is the second most comprehensive search engine and a good source of revenue for higher than 20 million YouTubers.

First, let’s check Measures to Boost Video Rankings.

  • Study up topics in Google TrendsTurn to Google Trends to understand whether interest in your preferred subject is up or down. Then, while you may be intimate with the overall Google Trends feature, click on “YouTube Search” to search for video-related opportunities. Adopt the right keywords in your title, description, and tags to get your video content unearthed.
  • Research the most valuable tags: Tags are attached to YouTube videos by creators, and they encourage YouTube to place the videos into proper categories. The difficulty is tags are not represented on the tvideo’s page, so researching them is a bother.
  • Manage and audit your channel: Understanding which videos are accomplishing for your brand – and which ones aren’t – can assist you in understanding the impact of the keywords and inform future opportunities.
  • Research your competitors: You can see a general outline of their growth, what works, what doesn’t, what tags they are using, etc. Then, use this information to create more effective videos and text-based content.
  • Moderate your comment section: Comments can make or break your YouTube channel. They can even harm a brand authentically.
  • Watch your YouTube SEO: YouTube is the ideal content platform for millions of people around the world. However, brand marketers need to think about SEO before the content is created and follow through long after the videos are posted to make the most of it. 

So, going by the trends, it is entirely reasonable to invest in YouTube and improve your search results to earn more. So, without further delay, let’s dive into it!

YouTube Tools 

  • Keyword Tool generates highly relevant long-tail keywords about a particular topic.
  • Agorapulse enables users to control their accounts, detect nasty trolls, and maintain their YouTube comments so that they can view and reply to all comments and never fumble a meaningful conversation.
  • Tubebuddy allows advanced analytics and data, rank tracking capabilities, and bulk processing features, making it the overall best marketing tool for YouTube.
  • Vidiq is used to delve into your competitor’s data and determine what tags they are using. In addition, Vidiq has a robust set of YouTube SEO features that helps create SEO-friendly titles, descriptions, and tags.
  • Vidooly is an video analytics online tool that provides insights & measurements like brand safety score, rankings, audience insights, audience overlap, etc., for YouTube videos.
  • BuzzSumo helps you get more relevant ideas for your audience and can be used to understand what is trending on YouTube.
  • Headliner tool easily creates videos to promote podcasts, radio shows, or blogs.
  • SocialBlade is a favorite stats tracking that is used by professional YouTubers.
  • YouTube Studio is a free tool that offers a retailing and analytic toolkit.

YouTube Thumbnail Tools

Thumbnail is the video in a nutshell, and it is as powerful as your video content. The more helpful the thumbnail, the more views your video will receive. Here are some YouTube tools that would allow you to generate thumbnails:

  • Tubebuddy is the overall most helpful YouTube marketing tool and can also create thumbnails. In addition, you can use one of its pre-made templates or select a frame from the video and edit it.
  • Canva helps to build stunning thumbnails for your videos with its professionally designed templates. In addition, its drag and drop interface provides even newbies to create excellent thumbnails.
  • Fotor provides deep and diversified YouTube thumbnail templates with an accurate YouTube thumbnail size.
  • PremiumBeat is a royalty-free curated music website that caters to high-quality royalty-free music tracks and sound effects. 
  • AudioMicro is a Premium Beat Music Library. You can use it to purchase and download royalty-free music, celebrity pictures, cartoons, and sound effects from popular sci-fi movies.

Music and Videos for YouTube

  • NoCopyrightSounds is a YouTube channel with a collection of No Copyright music.
  • YouTube Studio Audio Library has a collection of free-to-use music and sound effects.
YouTube Tools

YouTube Live Streaming Tools

  • Restream streams live on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and various streaming sites at once while you plan for multi-streaming.
  • Ecamm is an all-in-one live streaming creation platform for Mac. Ecamm Live creates professional live stream broadcasts swiftly & efficiently.
  • OneStream.live is a cloud-based solution to go LIVE. Use this to Stream Live in real-time or prerecorded scheduled Live Streams to your YouTube Live.
  • OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is a freely available and open-source video recording and live streaming that works on Mac, Windows, and Linux.
  • StreamYard can help you stream to all-powerful social platforms concurrently directly from your browser. Moreover, it can combine its extension and stream live everywhere, anytime.

YouTube Screencast Tools

  • Loom is a screen recorder that can capture screenshots. You can employ it on Mac, Windows, Chrome, and iOS.
  • Camtasia is one of the feature-rich and the best video editing software. It is also a perfect screen recorder to create tutorials. It is used to capture screenshots from your videos quickly, which is also a powerful screen saver.

YouTube Video Editing Tools

  • Final Cut Pro X is recommended for Mac users who want the most feature-rich and advanced video editing software.
  • Wondershare Filmora is a beginner-friendly modern video editing software. Its straightforward interface, wide range of features, and reasonable price make it the best option for everyone, especially newbies.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro is the comprehensive video editing software for both Windows and Mac. In addition, premiere Pro has the most advanced features that can’t be viewed anywhere else.

YouTube Caption Tool

  • Rev.com is an assortment of service providers for video captioning, audio transcription, and subtitling.

SEM Tools For YouTube

  • TubeBuddy offers Keyword Explorer and Search Rank Tracking, which will help you find more ideas and rank better in YouTube search results.
  • Ahrefs is a powerful tool that helps you find more keyword concepts related to your seed keyword, how many souls search for a query on YouTube each month, and how many of those hunts result in clicks.
  • Google Trends is a well-known fame-showing website. You can choose it for YouTube Search in your Google Trends and use it for free to find more approaches for your YouTube channel.
  • AccuRanker is a favorite YouTube channel rank tracking tool. AccuRanker retrieves all your videos so that you can observe your video performance in YouTube search outcomes, Google, Bing, and Yandex.

Various YouTube Tools

  • Rebrandly is a compelling link management platform for tracking, branding, and sharing short URLs using a custom domain name. Use this to build excellent, descriptive links utilizing a custom branded domain name.
  • Geni.us shortens your long affiliate links to more beautiful and short links for use in your YouTube description.
  • YouTube Creator Academy is a collection of online courses to accommodate new YouTubers to create better videos and enhance channel performance. 
  • Teespring is one of the e-commerce platform that enables people to design and sell custom clothing. Lately, Teespring has officially united with YouTube to have your merchandise appear beneath YouTube videos. 
  • Freedom.tm is an MCN (multi-channel network) that assists in several areas like programming, financing, products, promotion, monetization, etc. You will have to pay 40% of your YouTube channel return to them on these services.


So, use the above-mentioned tools for your YouTube channel to help you raise your traffic, video quality, audio quality, earnings, and more.