WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – Clear All Your Doubts

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org is the competition where one is good and other one is excellent. Yes, WordPress.com is good, its great and WordPress.org is excellent. Why?

Let me take you to the history of WordPress.

As we all know WordPress.org is an open source content management system (CMS), means you can download, modify and also distribute it. With this CMS you can create a blog or make a website and you don’t have to learn how to code.

People started liking it and many of them wanted to open blogs and websites with it, but WordPress.org needed handlings like backups, updates and security. Which made Matt the co-founder to open WordPress.comwhich is totally managed platform and runs on a shared hosting environment.

With WordPress.com you can open a blog in seconds for free, no hassles, no tensions, no worries. Yes, it has limitations like customizing themes, adding plugins and even you can’t make money blogging. It’s best for people who want to rent out a space for free that has limits all over it.

WordPress.org is more of a buying thing, you need to buy a domain name, you need to buy web hosting and then you can modify themes, add extra plugins and even earn money.

WordPress.com doesn’t only provide free plans, but they also have premium upgrades, but still, you are renting and don’t have total control over your blog.

Some major differences and facts:

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  1. No tensions of handling updates, security checks or take backups of your blog.
  2. Can be upgraded to a premium plan with the custom domain name.
  3. Abide by WordPress.com terms of service.
  4. Limited plugins and themes.
  5. Can’t display your own ads.
  6. Simple to set up, and in few seconds you can start writing.
  7. Restriction on TLD (domain name)
  8. WordPress may delete, ban your blog if you are found copy pasting or you get a DMCA notice.
  9. Great choice for bloggers, photographers, artists, plumbers, doctors, restaurateurs


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  1. You need to take care of updates, security and backups or find a web hosting company that does that for you.
  2. You have to take domain and hosting, no options for the free plan.
  3. You don’t have to answer anybody.
  4. Unlimited options, you can try anything you want.
  5. You can display ads according to your needs, make money blogging.
  6. You have to learn few new things and make a blog in few mins after learning about hosting and domain name.
  7. No restrictions, you can choose any domain name, TLD you like.
  8. NO such banning will be done.
  9. Customize and make a website for anyone.



I hope this article must have cleared a lot doubts about WordPress, still, if you have any query or comment, please drop your words in the comment form below.