Where SEO and Content Marketing Collide

While the latest Penguin update did not make as big a splash as some SEOs anticipated, the simple act of anticipating this change is enough proof that the old school techniques of SEO are definitely a thing of the past.

Now comes the million dollar question.  If you can no longer rely on the traditional techniques for link building or the on page optimization to secure your search engine rank, what will produce the natural ranking you have worked so hard to achieve?

The answer to this million dollar SEO question may actually be derived from a separate, but equally important, promotional effort that has recently received a huge amount of attention all over the online marketing industry. The name of that solution is content marketing.

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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a tactic that relies fully on inbound marketing efforts. This is a process that works through the distribution and production of nothing but extremely high quality content that will work in a way that brings about a variety of results. For example, using content marketing can build your brand recognition, as well as drive traffic to your website at the very same time.

It is important to understand that when these efforts are well done, the content marketing efforts will play a significant role in the use of proper website SEO. The information found here will outline some of the ways that content marketing and SEO intersect.

Blog Posts that are Keyword Optimized

A good marketing strategy will have strong blog posts. These are the posts that are being viewed more often by regular visitors to your website.

It goes unsaid that there is a substantial difference between bad and good blog posts when it comes to content marketing and SEO. A good blog post will contain following attributes:

  • They are lengthy;
  • They are authoritative;
  • They are regularly published;
  • They provide engaging content.

When you create this type of content for your blog posts it will improve your SEO, since search engines are now placing a high priority on original content that is highly engaging and informative.

There are other ways in which you are able to take these efforts a step further, and this is by optimizing some or all of your blog posts to individual keywords or keyword phrases that you are working to target. When you utilize the Yoast SEO plugin featured on WordPress, it will ensure that the keyword of choice is placed in essential areas of your post, including:

  • The blog title;
  • The blog post URL;
  • The body content;
  • The meta description.

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Content Pieces that are Considered Linkbait

Link building is one of the largest challenges that are facing digital marketers, as well as website owners. Since search engines are making efforts to reduce and clean up any existing spam links and then penalize any sites that rely on these spam links to manipulate their rankings, many of the former and most popular link building strategies are now completely out of the question.

The new strategy for your link building efforts is creating “natural” links and there is no easier and more effective way to achieve this than with quality content marketing.

In addition to publishing regular blog posts, you should also create content marketing strategies and campaigns that will use outreach pieces. These are able to be distributed throughout social sites, as well as shared from person-to-person. This type of content tends to have a larger scope than the individual blog posts and will use formats to encourage a viral type of sharing. Examples of this type of content include:

  • Instructographic or infographic images (free infographic maker);
  • Educational or humorous video clips;
  • Reports and guides that are downloadable;
  • White papers.

There is a good reason that this type of content is referred to as “linkbait.” When they are distributed properly, they can create natural links, quite a few of them in fact, with little to no effort from their owners.

Social Promotions with Content Marketing

Today, the general agreement is the fact that social signals have a substantial impact on SEO efforts and success, even if the reason for this is not completely clear. The performance on social media that you achieve can have the following beneficial effects on your SEO:

  • Become indexed faster;
  • Increase social shares to increase rankings;
  • Increases the rankings for the social connections;
  • Will increase your domain’s capability to rank.

The important thing about these social promotions lies in the fact that you have to have great content to provide backup!

The Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, you should consider the intersection between content marketing and SEO as the unique opportunity to be able to kill two birds with one stone. When you implement this effective content marketing, your website is able to meet the necessary SEO benchmarks with no additional effort needed from the website owner or manager. This is a definite win-win situation for digital marketers and busy webmasters.

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