What is a domain hosting control panel and how to use SeekaPanel?

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Looking for the best domain hosting control panel and more details about what is it and how to use it? 

There are many ways to host domains and first let us look at why need one.

You need a domain hosting control panel to host a domain name with a web hosting server. And when it comes to web hosting, WordPress hosting is the most used easiest to host a domain name.

There are several domain hosting control panels online, but many are too complex and not easy to use by a beginner. 

In this article we will look at the SeekaHost domain hosting control panel which is one of the easiest tools to use.

SeekaHost Domain Hosting Control Panel

I have been using it since 2020 and so far, been my best choice to host a domain name and get online with a WordPress.

Im parsing the tool so much because it has saved me so much time to host hundreds of my expired domains. As a private blog network builder for clients I need a system that can not only host domains but quickly get them online and help me manage it all at one place.  

One of the very best reasons for me to use the SeekaHost domain hosting control panel is that, it gives me everything to host my expired domains and scale my private blog network.

I have been using SeekaHost for over 3 now, but the domain hosting control panel with the SeekaHost.app has given me the best solution.

Hosting a domain name with SeekaHost’s control panel is the easiest and fastest way to get online with a WordPress blog or website.

I read the how to guide at https://techstory.in/seekahost-wordpress-hosting-control-panel-review/ recently and that goes into some specific details with screens shot as well.

What do you need to host a domain?

You need hosting to host the domain with site data and an easy-to-use interface that provides things like, 1-Click WordPress installation, SSL certificate activation for the domain (Free) which are the most important. Then things like backups options as well are vital when hosting a domain and building a site. 

7 steps to use SeekaHost domain hosting control panel

  1. First, visit https://www.seekahost.app/ 
  2. Create a new account at https://portal.seekahost.app/register
  3. Login to your account at https://portal.seekahost.app/login
  4. Buy a WordPress hosting plan https://portal.seekahost.app/wordpress-hosting or PBN hosting plan https://portal.seekahost.app/pbn-hosting if you need multiple IP class hosting to create a private blog network. 
  5. You are set to host your domain by installing WordPress to your domain name with the 1-Click WordPress installer.
  6. Once WordPress is installed, change the name servers if you have the domain registered at some other registry. 
  7. Activate the SSL Certificate for free and your domain will be secured and SEO friendly. 

The above mentioned easy 7 steps are what you need to follow to host a domain name using the SeekaHost domain hosting control panel. 

If you have any questions about how to use the web hosting control panel to host and manage domain names, ask on our live chat support or open a support ticket. 

There are other control panels like cPanel and Plesk which you can also get, however, if you are looking for an easy and high speed for your WordPress sites, then we recommend you get started at https://www.seekahost.app/