Target beyond demographics with Adcash

If you’re an advertiser, you know the importance of targeting when it comes to ad performance and cost efficiency. Typically, when you hear about targeting it’s communicated in terms of user demographics.

While important for segmentation, demographic targeting only scratches the surface of relevance. If you are only able to target people based on group membership factors, you aren’t able to drill down to the individual…

…and won’t be able to expand your promotion to users with complementary interests. You need a cost-effective advertising platform that provides you the tools to increase the relevance of your ads through targeting.

Go Adcash Self-Managed and target with greater precision

Enter Adcash. While they provide a managed account option, advertisers can register for their self-managed account for free and have access to the same tools: the only difference is who manages your account.

As indicated above, Adcash provides the tools to target your audience based on their group membership:


For location targeting, or geotargeting, you can target anywhere from region, e.g. North America, to the smallest towns, e.g. Martinsburg, West Virginia.

But again, demographic targeting is great for effectively segmenting your audience, but you need to go a step further. Adcash allows you to take that step by providing you targeting options based on keyword, site category and user interests:

Providing these context-based options allows you to dramatically increase your ads’ relevance because they will be more personalized. What’s more, you can expand your audience by employing more inclusive models.

For example, let’s say that you were promoting a family game. Simple, you can target users who have demonstrated an interest in Family-Oriented Games & Activities under Games. But ask yourself, “What else would my target audience have an interest in?”

This is where this type of targeting becomes incredibly powerful. People who might be interested in your game might also be interested in Travel or a specific type of vehicle under Autos & Vehicles.

That said, we’ve all been guilty of targeting with a little too much zeal. The rule of thumb is that the more targeting constraints you place on your campaign, the less available traffic you’ll have access to.

available traffic

Luckily, Adcash provides an easily understandable traffic estimation box so that you know where you stand. After all, you need to target in a way that doesn’t deplete your available audience so much that you compromise your campaign goals.

Users want relevance, use Adcash targeting to give it to them

With the increasing budget share of digital advertising, the competition is only going to increase. Coupled with the ongoing issue of ad blockers and a new generation of tech-savvy users, your work is cut out for you.

The key? Relevance…and the key to relevance? Aside from great creative; targeting. Demographic targeting will continue to play a key role when setting out, but you need more granular targeting.

Only then can you cut through the noise and ensure that users continue to view ads instead of blocking them altogether. With Adcash, the interface is simple, the tools powerful and the audience global. If that’s what you’re looking for, they’re a good bet.