Get Success in Blogging with these Growth Hacks

Looking to start a blog. Why?

Do you have an e-commerce website and you want to bring more traffic?

Do you want to make money with your standalone blog?

Do you want to start freelancing and get clients from your blog?

You may have any of the above interests, but if you are willing to do good in business blogging, then the following 10 things are highly essential.

The Writing Rules

There are several essential things that you need to keep in mind while writing for blogs. This is because writing for your essays in school and getting A grades there will not give you the correct writing skills for the web. So, you need to learn what are the basics you need to follow for web writing.

Let’s start with some essential rules that are the biggest factors for successful blogging. And keep in mind, the best bloggers in business writelike they are writing for a school going kid.

Rules of writing in business blogging

  • You need to write in short sentences, and very few descriptive words should be used. You have to add punch lines and reduce adjective plus adverb usage. The academic style has to be changed as blogging for business is entirely different.
  • Never write longer paragraphs and focus on short bulleted points, you need to deliver scannability in your content, and the flow needs to be quick and crispy.
  • Follow those big blogs like Lifehacker, Huffington Post, and Buzzfeed, you will know what exactly you need to do, and practice it again and again.

So, my advice is to start blogging when your style of writing for the web is appropriate. Otherwise, your efforts will be a waste.

The Topic / Niche

Don’t write about anything, find your expertise, choose a topic of interest, and start writing your blogs.

If your blog is about a service or product and your business will flourish only if it revolves around your product or service. And not selecting a niche is a big problem that you will face at a point, so decide a niche where you are comfortable enough to write hundreds and thousands of articles and not get bored doing it.

Your Purpose

Every post has to has a purpose of publishing, purpose of solving a problem or purpose of educating others or may be entertaining your visitors or may be inspiring people reading it.

So start writing when you have decided about a purpose of your post or article.

Social media post and its timing

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are where 99% of people are hanging around. YouTube, Linkedin, and Pinterest are another social platforms that people revolve around.

Get to know the timings of your audience and write to them directly. They will interact at those times they are on the web, but if you post articles at a time when your targeted audience isn’t there, then its a big issue, which should be solved quickly.

SEO and making strategies

Moving ahead you need to learn a thing or two about SEO. The basics of SEO are not that much, and if you learn them first and try to apply them fully, you can get great results from search engines.

Few things that you should do and try is:

  • linking back to your old articles
  • searching for new and related keyword with Google keyword planner and other tools.
  • Never ever stuff keywords in your content, Google will put you in spam
  • Take advantage of sitemap for your business or any other website.
  • Post quality content, which once read by users can get shares if they like it.
  • Ask your fellow bloggers to get back at you, take advantage of contacting other website owners and increase linking of your website.


Blog atdefinitetimes

Writing and making content on a regular basis will keep your blog updated, and you should find always keep new content rolling, as you get new followers, you also have to keep your old followers intact.

So, set timings and make a schedule, if you can’t blog every day, share something from other sources so that your followers know that you are regular in what you do.

Make connection and build relationships

Building new relationships with blogs in your niche or another niche is another important task for blogging to become successful.

There are many ways to do it, but reposting things from their blog with permissions, mentioning them on your blog, submitting your article to them and asking them for a guest post for your blog can make the relationship going.

Make Titles that attract

Titles will attract visitors in high numbers, making a unique title that is attractive can take your article from zero to hero.

You should include something that can bring shock value or may appeal to your emotions. Making a listicle can also affect significantly, look how BuzzFeed and lifehack are making listicles every day to attract users.

Use all type of content

Content can be in the form of Infographics, text, photos/images, surveys, polls, quizzes, lists or videos.

Try to include all types of content to build interactivity with users.

Length of your post

Writing long article will get not only more shares but also good page times on your site. Of course making your post look good, well formatted also essential, but focusing on quality content and detailed knowledge you will provide users that extra that they are finding on your site.

Using headings, bold, italics and other formatting tools you can make your content look beautiful and attractive, so that your page visitor stays longer on your website.

I am sure many of you will agree with me that becoming a successful blogger depends on upon many factors like insights, talents and abilities and you need to work on many things before you hit the success road. Do tell us what views you have on this topic.

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