6 Discussions from Bloggers Every Blog Sponsor Should Read

Blogging can bring you sponsors, but should you blog keeping in mind about a potential sponsor? This is what bloggers has to decide what does he/she wants out of his blogging.

Today, we have grabbed a session of #Blogchatter from Twitter, where like minded people discuss about blogging.

So, you have been blogging from a long time, and you need sponsors to run your blog or may be expand your business.

The First thing according to my personal experience is that an “Advertisers will come to you”. I didn’t seek advertisers, they come to me. Why? I think that’s because of my traffic and exposure. They want to capture my audience attention towards their product.

For people that have less amount of traffic my advice would be to have a Advertising Page or Sponsor on your blog. In that page, introduce yourself and your blog, tell little about your blog topics and traffic stats. Tell them the demographics, your Facebook page, Twitter Page and other social profiles where you share your blog links and have certain number of users connected to you.

You should also tell them the payment options, type of advertising you offer and anything more, that could help an advertiser.

Now let’s see what did the Twitter chat has to offer. There were some great Answers and not only you see what other bloggers are thinking but if you are a newbie blogger you should follow their advices.

I have been part of this #Blogchatter from months now, but recently I have started participation and till now my experience is excellent. This is helping me know other bloggers in my area and have networking with them.

Starting with Q1

Some Answers I liked:

“A person or organization that can attach a monetary value to your writing and pay you if you write for them.” by Parul – link

“Advertisers who pays you to write #blog based on their inputs/requirements.” by Vikram Kamboj – link

“Somebody who pays you for a post with a vested interest in it” by Vishal Kataria ?- link

“Someone who pays you to write good about them in your blog.” by Kapilan B  - link

Question No 2

Answers I liked:

“Writing – Clear, Objective and error free New perspectives Value for the money paid Social Reach” by Parul ?- link

“Complete exposure about the service through #blog and #socialmedia” by Vikram Kamboj – link

“1. Quality 2. Precision 3. Creativity 4. Value for the money spent 5. Desired reach and returns.” by ?? link

“Quality content that can attract more customers towards the sponsors services/products.” by HARSHIT  - link

“Quality post that focusses on the topic rather than beat around the bush. An engaging one at that.” by Ranjini S ?- link

Question No 3

Answers I liked:

“Trust based mutual relationship is the best long term reward for both the sides.” by Neeraj Thakur – link

“Blogger: It’s rewarding, getting to do what you love for an incentive; Sponsor: Promotion of product/service” by Gunti ?- link

“#blogger – more readers to the blog; better visibility; Sponsor – promotion of product/service” by Kapilan B ?- link

Question No 4

Answers I liked:

“Writing for someone before to attract someone? That’s not how a blogger works, well not me at least.” by ?? ?@ajaykontham – link

“if you write good content of the kind a sponsor would want (eg.about beauty products), it does attract sponsors” by Nimi ?@13nimi – link

‘Beg to differ on keeping a sponsor in mind. @greatbong said “Not being paid for writing lets me write freely.” ‘ by Vishal Kataria ?@Vishipedia – link

Question No 5

Answers I liked:

“I would blog on investing in stocks and would appeal to anyone who wants to invest..” by Kapilan B ?@bkapilan – link

“Potential sponsor? Like pitching an idea/Selling yourself with a post, in a matter of speaking. No, thank you.” by ?? ?@ajaykontham – link

“I wish I could write a post for a state tourism agency. It would really help in satiating wanderlust.” by Akshay Iyer ?@daredevilakshay – link

Question No 6

Answers I liked:

“I think well-researched content is the key. If honesty is visible, I think sponsors will get attracted.” by Akshay Iyer ?@daredevilakshay – link

“Like the wand found its Harry Potter the content wl find the reader. be true to yourself . Rest will follow” by anindya ?@anindya0909 – link

“The only way to attract sponsors is by writing gud abt them. Make sure you contact them & tell them about u.” by Jaspal Singh ?@JaspalS – link


That’s it. Have anything to say? Please leave your comments below.