10 Smart Ways To Get More Subscribers On YouTube


Video content is the king in the market currently. The fastest growing and largest channel for individual content creators are YouTube. According to studies users worldwide spend 1.8 billion hours every single day on YouTube. The number is equivalent to 8.4 minutes per day per human. The number makes it relevantly easier to get more YouTube subscribers.

The platform hoods several niches right from video blogging popularly known as vlogging, video sharing to video marketing. With the billions of people visiting YouTube every day, the scope for gaining maximum views and subscribers is relatively high for creators. One can find it all from how to boil eggs perfectly to diet plans, DIY projects, software geeks and tech reviewers. Just name what’s your need of the hour and you’ll find hundreds of video options on it.

With such a high fan base what follows next is high competition among the creators. If you are a YouTuber or want to start a channel of your own in the near future, give this guide a good read. We are sharing some pro tips learnt from the ones best in the industry. Following these tips will definitely help you achieve the subscriber count you dream of.

1. Choose Quality Over Quantity Always

This might seem obvious but with the clutter that YouTube is creating only highly watchable content can help you shine. The “Quality over quantity,” video approach works like magic with YouTube. With content that is below average getting lost in among fellow creators is a high possibility.

It’s super important to plan your pre-production as much as it is focusing on the post. Always research in advance before you sit down to film. Watch the videos available on the Internet and follow your competitors religiously to have an idea of the Industry. This no way means blatantly copying the video concepts of others. Instead, try to do it better. Try to script in advance. Even if you don’t wanna read word-to-word in your videos, it’s important to script to have a fair idea of how your idea is turning out.

What is equally important is to invest in equipment. You don’t have to spend a bomb while trying to achieve this. The camera available these days on phones is good enough for you to shoot. What needs investment Is good lighting and audio devices. Bad lighting and bad sound quality tend to make an ugly impression of you. If you are shooting in natural light make sure you position your camera right, use good audio device and pick your timings right.

2. Try & Reply To Every Comment

The easiest, fastest and instant way of getting more YouTube subscribers is replying to every single comment on your videos. While most YouTubers refrain from this, it’s a great way to make you stand out.

According to YouTube’s internal data, it is actually a well-kept secret of the society. When creators take the time to interact with their loyal community, it can encourage audience participation and ultimately result in a larger fanbase.

The simple science behind this is having a personal touch with your audience and building a one-on-one communication. The people would want to subscribe and watch your videos regularly for this reason.

3. Have A Killer Channel Trailer

The first thing that pop-ups, when someone clicks on your channel, is your channel trailer. The feature by YouTube is a great way of engaging the new audience who comes to your channel and build them into your subscribers. The key to having a killer channel trailer is displaying your USP in 60 seconds or less.

Credits: YouTube

Have a tag line that resonates with you or your channel. It could be something as simple as your signature greeting to the audience or a phrase. Make sure to show the diverse content you upload in those limited frames. A crisp but persuasive trailer is exactly what you need. Put your editing skills as well as creativity to its best use. Use animations and designs to make it more appealing.

4. Create Custom Thumbnails

Smaller things go a long way. This is a perfect example of that. Something as simple as having custom thumbnails can help you get more subscribers and views. The thumbnail you put up for a video is an insight into your video. It acts as a cover of your video and your audience often judge you on its basis.

Credits: YouTube

Creating custom human thumbnails gives a lasting impression on your audience and builds curiosity. According to surveys, maximum people click faster on videos with creative thumbnails and with a human in it. People like to watch videos with someone smiling in them and direct eye contact. Try to insert high-quality, creative and custom thumbnails for each video you upload.

5. Don’t Be A Sellout

The biggest turn-off for any subscriber is watching your favourite turn into a sellout. With brands approaching YouTube for their promotions it’s very easy to make a few wrong choices. Well, the choice of brand you pick to promote could leave an everlasting impression upon your audience.

The PR agencies are ready to offer big money in exchange for rave reviews. Stick to brands you genuinely use and trust. Instead of going gaga with promoting anything on your channel, stick to those which goes well with your USP. Always give your honest opinion after you have used the product/ service for a reasonable amount of time and if it genuinely helped you. It is very important for every YouTuber to have the trust of their subscriber family.

6. Be Consistent & Maintain Schedule

Consistency is the key to touching that high subscriber base. Your subscribers will gradually leave if you don’t post according to your schedule. It could be posting one video a week or 7 videos on 7 days of the week. The number absolutely depends on you. What matters is you stick to your calendar.

Credit: YouTube

Don’t go MIA on your subscribers. Update them if there is any change in your schedule or if you can’t post videos. Share the reason with them. This helps your audience build trust and shows your dedication towards your work. YouTube is no 9-5 job, it takes efforts. Pick days, time and schedule your videos as per according to the statics of your channel.

7. Promote Your Videos Through Social Media Platforms

The simple answer to how to reach maximum people is social media platforms. Right from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin spread the word among all the groups you are a part of. Post engaging content on these platforms which directs to your YouTube videos. Instagram has options like direct swipe up to your videos. Share the link with your WhatsApp contacts, your Facebook friends and your followers on other platforms.

Credits: ytbpro.me

Visit platforms like Quora and share your video links as an answer to the questions asked by the users. Say for example someone is struggling with dark circles and want help with how to get rid of them. If you have addressed this issue on your channel, post the link of the video with a descriptive message.

8. Have Relevant & Binge-Worthy Playlist

If you have a set of videos on the same or similar topic it’s always a good idea to group them together and put it in a playlist. If you have a lifestyle channel and monthly favourites video is something you without a break do every single month, make a playlist out of it.

Credits: guiding tech

Why is this good for subscription growth? Well, it will keep people on your channel longer, and show them that you have a plethora of quality content. This will also keep your video content highly organized so your channel doesn’t become a cluttered mess that turns users away.

The playlist section also makes it easier for your subscribers to pick the content they want to watch and also easy to search for videos on your channel.

9. Invest In YouTube Advertising

We are not asking you to burn a hole in your pocket and spend too much cash, but putting some amount is a great way of getting a good subscriber base. There are tons and tons of videos available on the Internet addressing the same topic and there are high chances of your name getting lost among the others. With YouTube advertisements, you can increase your visibility.

Credit: liveminsk

You can customise your advertisements as per your preference and performance of your channel. Some ways of advertising on YouTube are:

  • Display ads
  • Overlay ads
  • Skippable and non-skippable video ads
  • Bumper ads
  • Sponsored cards

Similar to platforms like Facebook and Twitter, YouTube also allows for video targeting based on interest, demographics, and/or in-market audiences.

10. Add Powerful CTA’s To Your Videos

All good marketers know how to create powerful calls-to-action, or CTA’s. So why not use these skills of yours to give users a reason to return to your channel through a subscribe-able call-to-action?

Credit: YouTube

How does this work exactly? If the idea of inserting a CTA into a video sounds complicated, and possibly above your technical capabilities, we got good news: It’s not! YouTube has made this easy by allowing marketers to add end screens and cards into their videos. Let us break down these two options a bit further:

End Screens: An end screen is just what it sounds like, a screen where a call-to-action will appear are the end of your video. Whether you want to encourage viewers to subscribe, point them to the next video, or even promote your website or crowdfunding campaign, you can do all of these things with end cards. End screens allow you to choose from four different elements depending on your goal.

Cards: If the end screens aren’t your thing, check out YouTube cards! These babies allow you to add more interactivity during your video, whether it’s pointing viewers to a specific URL, showing a video or playlist, promoting your channel, or even polling your audience.

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