5 Reasons Bloggers Should Focus on Building Their Email Lists


When you’re a blogger, your to-do list may seem never-ending. Writing blog posts, updating social media, replying to comments- there’s always something to do. That’s why it can be easy to put your email list on the backburner.

This is a mistake however, and your email list is crucial if you’re hoping to grow your blog and/or use it build your income. If you’re on the fence about putting the time and energy into growing your email list, here are 5 reasons to prioritize your list today:

  1. Keep the Control

These days, most bloggers are active on social media. While channels like Facebook and Twitter are an excellent way to connect with readers, you don’t own the information being held by those social media accounts. That means that your business is at risk if Facebook or Twitter suddenly change their terms and conditions or shut down your account.

When you combine an email list with a white label email service, you have complete ownership of that information. Your readers have handed you their names and email addresses themselves, and you never have to worry about Facebook algorithm changes or potentially losing access to your followers.

  1. Grow Your Traffic

You may assume that you need to have a solid stream of traffic to your blog before you begin building your email list but this is untrue. Instead, you should ideally begin encouraging visitors to sign up for your email list as soon as you launch.

That way, you can let subscribers know whenever you’re uploading a new post so that they can click through to your blog and read it.

  1. Build a Connection

With Facebook and Twitter, users check in occasionally and tend to scroll, emails allow you to reach your readers right where they’re hanging out the most- in their inbox. Email continues to be the most widely used channel and will have more than 2.9 billion users by the end of 2019.

Those users are also prioritizing email over social media. For 58% of them, checking email is the first online activity they complete each day, followed by using a search engine and checking Facebook. The more you communicate with your readers, the more connected they feel to you. And you’re more likely to reach your readers through email than any other channel.

  1. Provide Extra Value

You’re obviously providing your readers with super-valuable content through your blog. But if you’re hoping to turn readers into loyal followers, an email list can help you go the extra mile.

You can share extra information, tips, tricks, advice, or even funny stories through your emails. It’s also the easiest way to keep in touch with readers, who are likely to check their inboxes at least a few times each day.

  1. Increase Your Income

Many bloggers are beginning to branch out, using their blogs as a way to grow their income. Bloggers are creating e-courses, writing e-books, offering coaching, and selling physical products to their readers.

If your readers are signing up to your email list, they’re indicating that they’re fans of you and your blog and are happy for you to contact them through their private inboxes. This means that when it’s time for you to create a product or service, they’re more likely to support you and be interested in what you have to sell.

As you can see, building your email list is hugely valuable. By prioritizing your list, you’ll enjoy the above benefits sooner rather than later.