Why People Fail to Make Money Online?

There are millions of people who make money online and make their living with it or are running an online side business. But there are also millions who try to make money online but fail completely or give up easily.

But in this post of mine, I will try my best to tell you that why people fail to make money online by comparing myself and my other friend bloggers.

When I started my blog and was struggling to make money online, I learned the reasons for my failure but I never give up. So, I will be sharing all mistakes that I made when I was new and was finding ways to make money online. Although, currently I am making my living through online earning by doing blogging.

I am sharing reasons for my failure because you might be going through the same and could be on the edge to give up. But before giving up I want you to read all these reasons for why people fail to make money online.

Not Giving your 100%:

Months before when I started my blogging, I was wanting to earn money online but was not giving my 100% to it. Like, I was finding ways to relax after doing a little work. I left my job and started my blog to earn online but I was not giving my full time to my blog. I was thinking it to be an easy task and took it lightly and as a result of it was no or very less traffic. And when the people do the same as I was doing they can never make money online.

Lack of concentration:

Most of the people get diverted easily and lose their concentration. As no one can stick to a work for a long time but concentrating on the subject properly for a short time will make the difference for you. If you really want to make money online then you need to concentrate on all the resources. If you are a blogger and making money through monetizing ads or any affiliate programs then you should concentrate on getting more traffic to your blog.

Not providing the correct information:

If you are a blogger and not providing the correct information to the visitors of your blog then this is the biggest mistake you are doing. People are smarter enough and try to judge the information or compare the information with other blogs or websites.

So, if you donít have the correct information, either donít share it or do a proper research before sharing it. Because half knowledge can be dangerous or not using the gained information effectively. You might be having lots of correct information in your mind but having knowledge is useless if you do not implement it. So, share the correct information with your blog visitors because sharing the correct information means making your site more reputable. And a good reputation can lead to your blogs more traffic and which could result in more money.



I think distraction is one of the biggest enemies of those people who work from their home to make money online. When you are working from home, there can be many things which can distract you. Like, if you are father or mother then you are for sure distracted by your children while doing some important work. A surprise guest may arrive while you are working or some kinds of other distractions like incoming calls, text messages or sometimes preparing food.

If you really want to make money online then keep yourself away from all these distractions while you are working. Even I work from home but I don’t allow anyone to enter in my room till I complete my work and also keep my mobile away from me.

Relaxing too much at home:

There are many who work from the home but there are also many who relax more than needed. They think that they could make money online by just relaxing at home and working very less. Mainly making money from home is a difficult task and at the beginning, you really have to work hard. Instead, I would say try to work as more as possible. You can even work more than 15 hours if you are working from home because you save your lots of time for travelling to office and your physical efforts too. Even when I started my blog I use to spend almost 16 hours on my blog thus making content for my blog, doing link building and reading others blogs.

Lack of passion:

If you do not have the passion for running a blog or making money online then I suggest you to give up and get a job for yourself. But if you have the passion for blogging then you donít even need to read this post of mine because you are on the right track and on the edge to make money online.

Or you can even write for those things which interest you the most. I mean focusing on the niche you like the most can be a passion for you. If you will focus on the niche you like then you canít fail to make money online.

Having very less knowledge about SEO:

SEO is one of the important things in making money online. SEO stands for search engine optimization and many bloggers are getting lots of traffic after doing perfect SEO. Although SEO is easy but is too vast. But I must tell you that there is no way to get organic traffic to your blog without doing SEO. So, I suggest you learn SEO before starting any blog or earning money online.

There are two parts in SEO, One is On-Page SEO and other is Off-Page SEO. And both are important and one canít be done without the other. And the Off-Page alone contains many techniques which you must implement.

Giving Up too early:

There may be hundreds of bloggers or online marketers who give up too early. I know many of my friends who started their blog and quit it when they didnít earn any money. But quitting at that time when you just about earn money is a foolishness. The process of making money online is a slow process and one has to wait for months and in some cases years. It depends on the kind of niche, efforts you make and sometimes your luck too.

Final what I want to say:

All the above points were the reason for my failure. Everyone is not perfect but you have made some hard decisions and put efforts to make money online. When I overcame these problems, I was able to earn online. You can also earn by overpowering these mistakes.

And Also, I want to thank Sir Jaspal Singh for allowing me to share my thoughts on Blog. I am glad that I got an opportunity to write a guest post on his blog.

About Author:†Robin Khokhar is the founder of the Tricky Enough, A blog where you can find tips about blogging and SEO. He is good at Search Engine and Search Engine Marketing issues.