What Makes a Good Website Host?

website hosting

Picking the right website host for your needs is crucial in helping your website achieve its purposes. Make sure you pick a host that will best fit your needs. Here are some essential qualities it should have to be deemed a good website host.

Good Reputation

Your web host must be reliable and of good standing from the get go. The more reputable they are, the better equipped they are to serve your hosting needs. To help you get started, hereís a list of the best web hosting providers in India.

High Server Uptime

The more downtime a server has, the less chances for you to reach your audience. And when that happens, itís unlikely that they will be returning to your website. A good host will still have downtimes, but never more than 99.8% of the time.

Hosting Type

This mainly depends on how big your projected audience will be from your siteís time of creation. If youíre starting small, you can opt for shared hosting and still get a decent amount of storage space. But if you expect your website to grow within a short period of time, then a private or dedicated hosting service is better for you.


Of course, this is largely reliant on your budget. However, you should also choose depending on how much value youíre going to get for a hostís price. Chose a host which offers the highest amount of quality for the lowest amount, but donít undermine your siteís needs for a cheaper option.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Itís good if a hosting service offers a trial period that ensures a refund if youíre not satisfied after the trial. Check if youíll get a full refund or will be charged a cancellation fee and determine whether itís worth trying out.

Backup and Security

Choose a hosting service that assures you that your website data is backed up whenever a crash happens. Either that or when you get hacked, so determine if your host has good precautions against hackers as well. Either way, backed up data is a good idea.

Accessibility of Customer Support

You need assurance that customer support services are available for whenever you run into a problem with your website that you canít solve on your own. Itís even better if your host has a 24/7 live chat customer support.


Choose a hosting service with a simple control panel that you can learn to operate on your own. This way, you can customize your website according to how you need it without having to hire a developer to do it for you all the time.

Other Features

Some features may not be necessity but are still good ideas, like the creation of email accounts that make use of your domain. These are simply additional features that may contribute to a hostís good points, so note them as well.

If your host allows add-ons, you must also consider the costs that it will take to add them to your website especially of the add-ons are relevant to your website. Compare the costs as they can vary from one host to another. Some even offer these add-ons for free


These are the qualities of a good web hosting service. Choose your server well and you will be able to utilize your website better for its intended purposes. Not all of these may be applicable to your needs, so just choose the ones relevant to you and find a good host that addresses those needs.