Keeping deliverability high through using properly written call-to-action phrases

properly written call-to-action

Before pressing “Send” test for spam but also learn why to use call-to-actions

Thinking that before you send a message, to test for spam words is the only thing to do is a mistake. Not only the absence of spamming words but also the quality of content matters. When salesmen know what exactly they send test spam apps are more likely to show that all’s great. In this review such an element of cold emailing as a call-to-action phrase is under analysis. Let’s see what aspects of call-to-action usage are reviewed in the present article:

-what CTAs are and how to use them wisely. 

-why such phrases aren’t less required than good deliverability;  

-what Folderly experts advise to remember while writing a call-to-action; 

In the following part of the article we’ve described all the necessary things for writing great call-to-actions. All that’s left for us to hope for is that you’ll like it and find the review helpful. So, shall we start?

Follow the call-to-action writing tips to send test spam results to the boss and be praised

Why doesn’t a cold email worsen delivery rate test results if it contains a call-to-action? Because in this case an e-letter has much fewer chances to be put into the spam folder. In b2b a call-to-action is often understood as a means to finalize a sender’s intent.

One may put an email through a test checking it for email delivery rate issues only to see everything’s alright with the letter. Nevertheless, this perfectly fine letter may never be answered.  The reason for this is that the message doesn’t subtly instruct the recipient what to do after he’s read it. Without a CTA an e-message won’t be answered at best. At worst it’ll be marked as spam dragging your deliverability down. The role of such subtle guides are performed by call-to-action phrases. What are tips for writing them?

-no more than one CTA per letter;

-make them as original as possible; 

-avoid giving orders and suggest the recipient’s actions instead. 

No more than one CTA per email to ensure its delivery even without a test 

As it was stated above, even a seemingly fine e-letter can fail to influence its recipient. If a user is sure of the email’s delivery, only a reliable test can show if the letter’s rejected.  The best software for that is provided by Folderly. The company’s a product of b2b lead generation company – Belkins. To become our client just visit the Folderly website. Not only a great spam checker but the assistance of the best b2b experts will be available to you at once. 

B2b professionals are always aware of certain rules to follow while writing and using CTAs. One of them consists in not using a call-to-action more than once in an email. Should a salesman ask his clients to do more than one thing in a single letter, the customer will feel pressured. Losing a client is more than likely in this case. 

An original CTA for each email: how to ensure delivery but not test patience

In the sphere of cold sales and emailing it’s very important not to annoy a client too much. The more a salesman asks from his client the more the latter feels pressured. Besides, every person can be a target of several various companies. Getting similar looking emails from a lot of salesmen really tests anyone’s patience.  The way to keep a b2b campaign on track with sales leads generating without problem is to be original. Emails with CTAs in them mustn’t provoke clients’ deja vu feeling.  What strategies can be used here for the sake of originality? If there is any opportunity to find out the way your competitors try to appeal, then do it. And replace their tried phrases with fresh and appealing CTAs. However, there’s always an opportunity to obtain the support of Folderly. Our experienced writers and analysts are on standby 24/7 waiting for an opportunity to help you out. 

Choosing CTAs with A/B testing: be praised whenever you send test spam results to the boss 

What is the purpose of the usage of the A/B testing method in b2b? Whenever there’s sale lead generation at stake, there’s no room for leaving a campaign to chance. In this case A and B stand for 2 campaigns that should run and which results are to be analyzed in the end. What is it all necessary for? When wanting to find out what CTAs are most effective, the company tests them and analyzes the metrics. Usually there are several CTA variants which are baptized by fire during several b2b campaigns. After that the company’s specialists try to find out the following things:

-which CTAs are opened more often; 

-which CTAs initiate greater interactions; 

-which CTAs deliver a bigger number of responses. 

Is this strategy time-consuming? On the whole, it usually takes about 2 weeks to find out the most effective CTAs to be used in future campaigns. 

Send us a request for test spam software and help with choosing CTAs today

Do you remember what was said about the essence of a CTA at the beginning of the article? A CTA phrase hints at what a client should do if he’s interested in an offer. The word “hints” is really important here because a CTA mustn’t look like an order.

Surely, as any other element of a cold email, CTAs should be put through spam check software. A couple of words about the impossibility to do without a spam checker here. Any email is never safe from spam words. The more words are used by spammers, the bigger spam lists get. However appealing a CTA may be, it may always happen to be rejected by spam filters.

To be aware of such issues at once, there’s no better solution than great software from Folderly. All it takes to use it and also get Folderly specialists’ help is to become our client. Why not do it now?