How to Kill your Blog in 5 Steps?

Bloggers are everywhere. Like a highly contagious disease, they spread all over the social media channels, entering our minds without even being invited. Bloggers are harsh, shameless and straight-out, but we love them because that’s our modern 3-in-1: a source of reality, expert opinion, and entertainment.

From personal online diaries, blogs evolved into one of the most effective business instruments, attracting new clients and building the huge audience of loyal customers out of a crowd of spontaneous readers.

Have you ever given a thought why we tend to read more blogs than specialized literature? Why do we watch all these ‘how to…’ 30 seconds videos, teaching us to replace a broken car spare part and to cook a delicious birthday cake for our friend? I guess the answer lies in the time/quality ratio because blogs give us maximum useful information (or at least the illusion of it) in a minimum period of time.


However, if you’re running your corporate blog for a long time and you’re exhausted to give your expert opinion to the absolutely ungrateful audience – here are some tips to kill your blog in several weeks. I bet that some of you do it everyday event without my tips, but they are a good way to create a plan.

  1. Never ever write your blog posts too often!

Or you’d better stop writing at all. Be spontaneous and confuse your readers: used to write every day – change it to once a week, or twice a month. Then attack them with several posts a day, and keep silence for a month again. Editorial calendar…editorial what? You don’t need this if your goal is to kill your blog.

  1. Comments? What for? Forget about comments

If you write good stuff, your readers may get inspired, you know! And when they get inspired they want to discuss their feelings with other readers and the author. But you’re too arrogant to let them leave their thoughts next to your ‘masterpiece’, aren’t you? Yes, remove the comments from your blog at all and you’ll see that very soon you’ll be the one reading it.

  1. Nice, user-friendly design? Who cares!

Believe me, an ugly design has much more chances to kill your blog faster. You started your blog at the end of the 90s, and it still works fine. Brilliant! Stick to your oldie-but-goodie and forget about all the modern, high-quality platforms, offering an ultimate user experience that will attract more and more readers to your blog.

  1. Boring, repeated and dull – best attributes of a dying blog

Imagine that you’re run out of ideas, what will you do? You’ll try to generate new ideas, organize a brainstorm with your team, find out some hot and trendy issues moving your target audience right now, or…maybe not. You’d better take and slightly update your last year article, read by 5(!) people and post it again. Oh, don’t hesitate, people will run away!

  1. Promotion? No, your blog is self-sufficient

First of all, you’re greedy and don’t want anyone else to share your blog. Be mean and close any sharing options. No more Facebook and Twitter. No one can share your brilliant article from now on. Also, don’t waste your time promoting your blog by yourself. You don’t care that it brings you new readers and increases chances for success. You don’t need all that when killing the blog.

By the way, don’t worry, there are a lot more options available to kill your blog to death: screw formatting, forget about SEO, steal your content from other authors. But if there is a slight chance that you decide not to kill but revive your blog, then, please, read all the above once again and do exactly the opposite. Good luck with your blog!