How Content is Written for Ranking in The First Place

Content writing

A content writer is one of the most vital resources of marketing. We are trained to write for different articles that will be featured on our official website. Our bosses just want us to magically land our contents in the first search result on Google. If you ask me it is a difficult task. But I have landed my articles in the first place more than seven times in 5 months.

As a writer, you have to know that all the contents are not best suited for the first position. Some contents get clicked because it is in the second or third position. If you are not using proper tools you wonít know that value. However, this is an article for another time. Letís talk about the very nominal things that you can do, and still land your content in the first place.

How a Content Writer Writes

Well, being a content writer, you will know how content writers write but talking about the tricks, itís a secret. How about we take a trip to unfold this secret.

  1. Itís all about SEO– I think SEO is one of the most important things that we have to take care of. For the basics, you will have to ensure that you are not copying your content from any other existing site or written data that is present on the internet.

  2. Keywords– The trick to keywords are, you have to use them wisely as if they are a part of your content write up. The keywords have to be well researched and in some cases made bold. You can look for keywords in different tools like Ubersuggest or just check it the old fashion way. The old method is to go through people also look for section on Google.

  3. Headline– The headline of your article should be attention-grabbing and should have a headline score i.e. more than 75. For checking the headline score you can visit Sharethrough. The headline must contain the focus keyword, but it should be well fitted in the headline.
  4. Brand name– The brand or company name should be in the first line of the introduction. If you canít manage to squeeze the name there, make sure you use it in the first paragraph.

  5. The blog– The content has to be well researched and unique from any other similar content. Make sure that you use enough bullet points. One thing that I have noticed is people donít read the entire blog, but just look through the points. A heat map experiment showed that the audiences look in an ĎFí shaped direction through a websiteís blog. Make sure you are highlighting the important things that your customers are searching for.

  6. Method– Write a blog that will not only educate people about your product or service but also entertain them. A bloggerís job is to attract the customers by pointing out their needs in an elaborative format. Remember that our customers are simple-minded people and they are just looking for their benefit.

  7. Linking– Make sure that you are linking your blog to different reputed websites. This will help you to portray the authenticity of your blog. Use as many links as you can. Use long phrases to make a link so that it attracts them to read through the lines and actually click on the link. Donít forget to backlink blogs and pages from your official website as well.

  8. End Product– Make sure your blog has enough pictures, statistical images, and other relevant images and videos. This will keep your audience engaged to your site for at least 20 to 30 minutes.  


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