Greta Thunberg Effect

Greta Thunberg, a 16 years teen who is also a very well known Environmental Activist. Focused on risks imposed by Climate change. Let us know what inspired her to become a voice for the environment and bringing light on this major issue-

Born in Stockholm, Sweden, Greta says that she first got to know of climate change when she was eight. And she couldn’t understand why so least consideration was shown about it. After three years, she was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Selective Mutism. However, she believes her autism has never been able to limit her. Instead, she calls it her Superpower.

“Change begins at home”. Greta made efforts for about two years so that their family’s Carbon footprint decreases. They had to change their lifestyles. The whole series of events are recounted in their book “Scenes From The Heart“.

In 2018, after the wildfires and heatwaves, it was the hottest summer in Sweden in 262 years. Greta, who had just started her ninth grade. On 20th August 2018, decides to not attend the school until the Swedish General Election 2018 which were on 9 September 2018. Demanding the Swedish government to reduce carbon emissions, in accordance with the Paris Agreement. When Thunberg began protesting outside the Swedish Parliament at the age of 15 in 2018, she had two simple messages: a sign saying, “school strike for the climate” and handed out leaflets which said: “I am doing this because you adults are shitting on my future”.

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After Thunberg’s strike gained momentum, She was called to give speeches in various organizations. A list of her speeches are:

Extinction Rebellion

In London on October 2018. Greta addressed the ‘Declaration of Rebellion’.
Organized by Extinction Rebellion opposite the Houses of Parliament.


On 24th November 2018, Thunberg Addressed TedxStockholm.

COP24 Summit

Thunberg addressed the COP24 United Nations climate change summit on 4th December 2018, telling about their school strike.


On 23rd January 2019, she arrived Davos after a 32-hour train journey. The other delegates arrived on up to 1500 individual private jets.

European Economic and Social Committee

On 21st February 2019, at a conference of the European Economic and Social Committee. Thunberg spoke to European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker.


Thunberg visited Berlin, in the weekend on 29–31 March 2019. She enlightened some 25,000 people near the Brandenburg Gate about climate change.

EU Leaders

At the European Parliament in Strasbourg. At an April 2019 meeting with MEPs and EU officials, Thunberg spoke about an existential crisis.

Australian World Summit R20

On the launch of a conference organised by Schwarzenegger to speed up the Process on Paris Agreement. Thunberg met with him,  António Guterres (United Nations Secretary-General) and Alexander Van der Bellen (Austrian President).

The U.S. Congress on climate Change

On 18th September 2019, Wednesday, Greta spoke before United States House of Representatives Select Committee on the Climate Crisis.

New York City: 2019 Global Climate Strike

On 20 September 2019, Friday. Thunberg spoke to New York City’s contingent on the Global Climate Strike.

Thunberg spoke to New York City’s contingent of the Global Climate Strike

Greta Thunberg addressed the assembled world leaders at the United Nations, On Monday, 23 September 2019. She announced that 15 children will be filing a lawsuit against the Five Nations that are not doing any proper thing to meet the emission reduction targets.

Greta Thunberg has been an inspiration to many people of different age groups, mostly her age-group peers. Her outspoken stance has pushed many politicians to acknowledge and take measures for reducing climate change. This effect has been described as GRETA THUNBERG EFFECT.

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