Best Free Stock Photos for Blogs and Websites

Whenever you are starting to write a blog or an article on your website, one major requirement is images. Are you fetching them from any site without permission? Do you know legal actions that can be taken against you if you are doing image theft?

So, before moving ahead keep in mind, every image you see online is not free to use, and that is why to help you guys out I have come up with this long list of websites that provide free stock photos. Most of these have a creative common licence and high-quality images.

And if you have a website where you have your own images, then you can also sell them. Yes, you can also sell your images online. A new technology called “In Image Monetization” has made it possible to monetize your images via a simple HTML code.

Now, wait no more and add images to freshly written articles on your website? Here you will find more than forty options that provide free stock photos means you do not have to ask to use a picture from these sites.

We’ve made an enormous list of best sources that can help every blog owner for using images. We are presenting all of this with a little description, type of licence and what image resolutions can be obtained from these listed sites.

Let us know if you have any other website to add to this list, add your comments and tell us which of this website offer better options comparing one to another.

Animal Photos -As the name suggests, you will find an excellent collection of animal photos especially birds.

Bing Images - A search engine with a variety of photos

BurningWell - Collection of photos from around the world

Car Pictures
Car pictures indexed by their make

Crowd-sourced clip art, share designs online

Searches even other sources like Flickr

Creative Commons Search
Access to popular Creative Commons search services

Creativity 103
A library of creative design elements

DHD Multimedia Gallery
An eclectic collection

Number of photographs and graphics sorted by academic subject

Searches other sources also like Flickr

User-submitted photographs

Collection of crowd-sourced photographs

Getty Images
Collection of beautiful photographs, free to embed on websites

Google Images
Searches for a wide variety of sources

New high resolution photographs

Hubble Site
images from Hubble’s eye

Free photographs listed in very broad categories

Crowd-sourced content

Open Clipart
Crowd-sourced clipart

Photo Pin
Searches other sources also on Flickr

3600 images sorted on geographical basis

Photos Public Domain
A collection of photographs released into the public domain

photos added each month for creative use

Free as well as copyright-friendly images for students and educators

Find and share outstanding free images

Public Domain Image
Public domain photographs

Public Domain Photos
Public domain photographs

Public Domain Pictures
Public domain photographs

Public Domain Review
Public-domain images, whose copyrights have expired

Realia Project
Faculty-reviewed media for the teaching and study

Reusable Art
Public-domain images, whose copyrights have expired

Rijks Museum
Museum in Amsterdam offers images of its public domain artwork

The Getty
Images available from the J. Paul Getty Museum

10 new images every 10 days

Wikimedia Commons
Hosts crowdsourced media files

Images displayed in various portfolios

Yahoo Images
Searches a wide variety of sources

Little Visuals
7 new photos every 7 days

Nature and abstract

Life of Pix

I hope you must have liked our selection of free stock photography sites, let us know if we have left your favourite website we would be glad to add it for you.