First Ever Bloggers Meet in Jaipur 2015 by Askme.com

bloggers meet in jaipur

“The BAAP of all apps”, i.e., AskMe.com organised a wonderful bloggers meet at Jaipur this previous weekend (March 21st, 2015). I had the opportunity to join and take part in this event. (For English Readers The BAAP of all apps means Father of all Apps 🙂

On top of meeting bloggers from my pink city, Jaipur. We also ate together as this was the first ever Foodies Meetup, which made us discover, eat and share altogether in the short span of 3 hours.

Now just to let you know AskMe.com is a consumer brand offering Search, Classified, Deals and Buying Instant features. The unique approach with communities like Education, Gadgets, Wedding, Fashion, Travel, Wellness and they are also coming up with the Food community.

bloggers meet in jaipur

The highlights of the Foodies Meetup in Jaipur was learning about Photography and for a newbie (in Photography) like me; I gained a lot. Plus I met one of the old friends from school days, and all the fun was doubled the right way. A coffee cup was presented to every Foodie and I won Ferrero Rocher for a small quiz contest, where I had to sing a song 😛

All in all it was a great time and I met new people in my field of work, which means networking for me.

I hope more and more workshops, events and meetups happen in Jaipur, as it has a lot of more potential for brands like AskMe.com. Here is a collage from the event and some of these involve me and mates from Pink city.

bloggers meet in jaipur