5 Factors That Affect WordPress Hosting’s Longevity

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Every web host that provide you service of hosting has to be sure that they meet some specific requirements. This implies to all type of hosts, the ones that are new and the ones that are old. I personally have experienced number of web hosting services for my WordPress installations and every host provides something better and different from the other.

In this article, I will be listing five most crucial factors that affect me for WordPress hosting longevity and why I am using it for my WordPress sites.


I believe no hosting can survive without good support. A business owner needs some rest while he sleeps and doesn’t want his website going down in the middle of night. Support for a WordPress site is necessary for many ways, but the server support has to be there with a top team that understands the problems and errors that may occur.

WordPress is an open source platform, and you might be using some third party plugin that can go wrong anytime of the day. To keep a check on all the big and small issues, a dedicated support is quite essential for a WordPress hosting.


Hosting a website will surely come with a price tag, but this price tag needs to be inside your allotted budget. You can choose a moderate price tag host that provides excellent stability and uptime.

Pricing of a WordPress hosting will also depend on the traffic you receive, the number of hits and bandwidth needed can help you calculate the actual cost. This will always remain a major factor for choosing a new host or changing an old one.


Big hosting companies and the small web hosts has a major gap in the approach, and one such thing that a big hosting provider has is the detailed tutorials and knowledge base for users that might want to explore services at large.

Providing good knowledge base will only make a customer happier and keep his hosting for a longer time period. All the upgrades in server configurations and necessary know-how of how a feature in hosting works will give users a better control and satisfaction.


I always look for the feature list when choosing a host, does they have even in their store, what all things are paid and what are free to use. The features in a hosting will give users a mental piece as auto installersand several other automated features can free your time for necessary work.

Hence the more feature rich a hosting provider is, the more people gets attracted towards it.


99.99% uptimes are commonly told in the web hosting websites these days, but that 0.01 percent doesn’t matter, the most important thing that is crucial is the information about downtime. Status websites for a particular host can be very helpful and if any emergency situations arrive the user should know about status checking sites.

Also it would be more beneficial if a prior downtime is reported well before in advance. This way you will be more satisfied, and hence you will be with them for a longer period of time.

The longevity of a web host doesn’t only depend on these factors, and I am sure you guys will have some other factors to share with us, use the comment section below to do that.