How to Earn Money While Travelling (Without Blogging)


Traveling is a unique type of activity that stimulates us on every level. It helps us grow as individuals, allows us to expand perspective, and helps at introducing different important aspects of life.

Nevertheless, if traveling was for free, everyone would be a professional traveler. Unfortunately, we need money to travel, and money’s not that easy to find.

Of course, people that never travel are definitely limiting themselves because there are many ways to make a living while traveling. And that doesn’t include bloggingas most people and guides advise.

In today’s post, I’m sharing a list of money-generating activities that you can perform while you’re traveling, making sure that you’re making the ends meet while allowing yourself to experience life fully.

Become a Ghostwriter

This post is not about blogging, though I’d like to suggest one of the best ways to earn your living while traveling.

Ghostwriting implies writing content for clients. The content can take various forms: magazine articles, blog posts, social media updates, essay writing services, proofreading services, editing services, and so on.

Basically, anything that deals with writing and content, mainly because all businesses are now dependent on content.

You can find quality ghostwriting jobs on platforms like Upwork and PeoplePerHour.At first, you should aim for small projects. You should also overdeliver on quality, to ensure that you’re building a nice portfolio that’ll serve as the beginning of your personal branding.


Housesitting is a trendy job that every traveler should consider. It implies taking care of someone else’s house while they are gone. Usually, the housesitting opportunities require you to take care of the pets, water the plants and do other necessary responsibilities that must be done.

In exchange, you can cook your own food, you’ll make new friends each time you stay in a house, and you’ll get to enjoy different parts of the world without worrying about accommodation and meals.

Do Street Art Performances

I absolutely love people who have the courage to get on the street and perform various positive performances such as singing, dancing, acting, or any other type of activity that entertains, inspires, motivates, or calms the person who walks by.

If you know how to play the guitar, if you’re a great voice singer, or if you’re an excellent dancer, consider developing performance and keep repeating it everywhere you go. In time, you’ll get really good at it, you’ll understand what people want, how they think, what touches them most.

In the meantime, you can enjoy your travels with your well-deserved money.

Teach English

Teaching English abroad doesn’t require certifications. As long as you’re a native speaker and your English understanding is above average, you can definitely make some honest bucks teaching other people the language.

There’s a useful app called EslCafe, which allows you to submit applications to schools and places in Japan, Thailand, South Korea, and dozens of other locations. Simply try it, and you’ll be surprisedbythe results.

Also check out the UAE embassy legalisation for passport, while applying for a second passport you need to consider few important things.


You can earn money by being a professional travel photographer. There are more ways to monetize your photos, one of the most popular being stock photography. Here’s a great guide that’ll teach you how to get started with stock photography as a traveler.

Work on a Yacht

Working on a Yacht is an interesting experience. You can work as a bartender, DJ, casino dealer, waiter, and so much more.

Of course, landing a great job on superyacht isn’t easy, as there’s high competition everywhere you look. However, if you put your mind on it and prepare ahead, you can accomplish your dream and travel the world on a Yacht, without worrying about the next day’s meal, taxes,and expenses, or any other unwelcomed fees.

Do Volunteer Work

Did you know that you can get involved in volunteering programs that are specifically meant for travelers who don’t dispose of too much money?

Volunteering can get you free accommodation and free meals, and it carries you to different places, which is exactly your goal as a traveler. As long as you are traveling with passion, the lack of luxury shouldn’t even concern you.

Saudi visa can be easy if you have correct information and correct guidance before travel plans.

Pet Walking

People pay decent bucks for trustable individuals who are offering pet-walking services. As the job title implies, you get hired for walking the pet at different times of the day.

If you’re traveling in countries with high wages, a few hours of walking each day will get you enough money and it’ll keep you physically fit. Losing weight will no longer be a problem. As for the stress, it won’t really exist.

Sales and Marketing Consultant

If you’re a born entrepreneur who understands the marketplace, you can become useful to many smallbusinesses and medium companies. Regardless of your location and travel direction, you can do your homework and discover opportunities.

If you’re able to improve business performances through great ideas, if you have the necessary knowledge and skills to create online marketing strategies for employers that don’t know how, and if you’re confident in your strengths, you can travel easily without worrying about money!


If you shy away from putting up the effort, from working on your dreams and goals, you shouldn’t even consider traveling as a lifestyle. On the other hand, if you’re ready to do what it takes, to make an effort to get the outcomes you want, and to commit to your journey, you’ll be able to travel for as long as you feel like it!

Image Credits: Travelling from Maridav/Shutterstock