Do You Love your Blog?

Being the month of St Valentine and St Valentine’s Day is but just around the corner I wanted to write a post on the L word and something my dad said to me many years ago when I was trying to carve out my Adult working life.

Son THE most difficult thing is deciding on what you want to do with the rest of your Life” Graham Dews 1992. How true my ol’ man was. I left school with no real formal qualifications and was trying to decide on what to do with the rest of my life. My dad added to his original quote with “Son, once you know what you want to do the rest is easy”. Put simply you will have direction and you will find it easier how to go about it!

I always knew I was a creative person as at an early age I found that I had a skill with pencil and paints and I was always interested in Nature and especially Birds. My parents always thought I would end up being an artist or graphic designer. So after leaving school I ended up falling in the Jewellery trade where I worked hard and gained my qualifications and I thought that I had a great career ahead of me (how wrong I was)

Unfortunately after a few years of jumping from one jeweller to another due to redundancy I noticed the trade I was in and enjoying was moving abroad and the jewellers shops, workshops and factories were closing down.

Fast forward to today and at the age of 34 I find myself out of work. Since the age of 16 and being a fully qualified Jeweller (which incidentally I loved to bits) I have had many jobs from being a Bartender to Pub Manager, Office clerk to Ductors Mate, Warehouse Order picker to a Cold Calling Salesman (all of which I hated and did not enjoy with a passion), I finally think I have found my niche that I love and want to carve a career out. Which is………Yea you guessed it is blogging.

But not just Blogging. I love everything to do with Blog’s, Blogging, Website and Website design, SEO and all the other technical stuff related to this field like MySQL and FTP. I am currently teaching myself how to make Flash Based sites with Adobe Flash.

So after 16 years of working in lots of different Job’s and hating them I know what I want to do with the rest of my life. Don’t get me wrong I want to be realistic here and yes I would have to be a top class blogger to make a living out of it which is why I am teaching myself flash (in order to get work as a flash programmer for some Web Design or SEO company, in the meantime I will be doing crappy short term work in warehouses).

I feel sorry for my dad as he has been in the same job for 40 years and has hated every minute of it and has turned out to be a more bitter and unhappy gentleman than he should be. I for one am very grateful for his advice he gave me all those years ago as I am now happy and that I LOVE my blog with a passion.

So what has all this got to do with you dear reader then? Well so far I have talked about me, my life and my family. You may be an aspiring blogger like me but I want to impart what I have learned about blogging!

Do you LOVE your blog like I do and show it in your writing? Are you passionate about what you’re writing? Do you find Writing a post a chore or do you find that you cannot wait to get back home and on your machine writing another post! Do you find yourself reading a post on someone else’s and you are just rehashing that post with your own twist, Or do you write something that’s been in your head all day and you find you are writing from the heart.

“Life is too short to work at something you don’t like! If you love your work then it’s not work”

Phillip Dews 2010.

Thoughts Appreciated