ContentMart: Find Writers with Quality Skills at nominal pricing

I am always confused what to write on a topic as a new article and what not to write, as the information today come from several sources and I donít have time to cover all the topics at once. While you are working alone (as a blogger or small business owner) it doesnít mean that you have to do it all yourself, a virtual team can help take off the load. It will be a great thing to have writers in the form of freelancers that can provide quality content to you. So, if you feel similar to my situation where you donít have time to cover every other topic, then you will be delighted to know about this company that I recently came across.

Itís not that I havenít tried to find good writers before, freelancer.com is my old favorite. But the real problem arises when you retain your freelancers for a longer period of time. Quality writers are hard to find, and you canít always retain them. ContentMart is one such company that can help you with this issue.


What does ContentMart can do for you and your business or blog?

Hiring a writer for a writing task with ContentMart marketplace is relatively simple. You can find multiple authors for any writing job like suppose you want a sales page to be written, and you need a qualified writer for it, then itís easy to do so at ContentMart.

You can get started with Contentmart within few seconds and instantly you can create and account as a freelance writer or a provider as a client. Both registrants are free to join.

I got around, and I posted a project, and I was surprised to see how easy they have made Contentmart to get freelance writers and convey you project needs.

The pricing can be set according to per word basis or project basis, you have both the choices at your disposal.


After you check all the details, as you publish the job it will be posted instantly. It takes some time to get bids on your project, freelancers can choose your project at a rate you have provided or they can also bid on the project with their own rates.

You can also post projects for regional language in India. Like if you want to make your English blog into a Hindi blog, then Contentmart can give you that option instantly.

You will get menu on bids that freelancers make on your posted job and important links like :

  • Profile of bidder
  • Bidderís review of previous projects
  • Chatting with a bidder before finalizing the project.

All of this can be done on your project page.


Chatting is a wonderful feature that can save your day if your bidder and you are online then it will take lesser time to convey your message, and instantly the project creator can answer and get started.

There is a requirement of funds to start with your job posting. You can add funds to your account via Credit/debit card, PayZapp via HDFC, Mobikwick, and Net banking.

After adding funds, you can award your project to the bidder you select and instantly your orders get started.


Do try ContentMart as itís a great platform for hiring a writer. You can easily find the perfect match for your creative and quality writings. Letís hope this platform do wonders and we find lots of talented writers over here.