8 Blogging Tools Every Blogger Should Use Daily

If you are a blogger and you write content on a daily basis, then the following blogging tools can help you achieve greater success.

The success here is all about getting more visitors on your website, so these following tools will be useful in increasing your blog traffic.

Let’s get started.

1. Keyword Planner – Google Adwords – As all know Keyword Planner is a tool provided by Google for Adwords. It helps advertisers check traffic for a keyword they are targeting.

Whenever I write a blog post, I usually search the commonly used terms or search terms people write in Google. Google Keyword Planner is one such tool that every blogger should use daily to find traffic, volume, and competition for a keyword/search term.

2. Feedly – Its important for a website to stay updated with new happenings and for this I use Feedly. It simply helps me keep track on websites and blogs that are related to my niche and I follow them to see what do they write about. Another way to keep yourself motivated and keep out of a writer’s block.

google reader alternative Feedly
add rss to feedly

It also gives you news on current happening around the world, as it’s impossible to visit each site every day, you can subscribe to a feed and check current news.

3. Grammarly – Grammarly have been an essential tool for me as it corrects me in my writing. I make lots of mistake in writing and I still do. You need to have a good command over your language. Grammarly makes it possible to correct my grammar and proofread my article. Check out the best proofreading services.

proofread your articles
proofread your articles

4. Canva A fantastic tool to make images for your blog and social networks. It has all kind of layouts, images, frames, text formats and cool visual elements that makes it an essential tool for creating images and visuals for your site.

photo editing made easy and free
photo editing made easy and free

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5. WordPress – There are many blogging platforms and WordPress is the most popular one, you should use a platform that’s easy to handle.


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All of my websites are made on WordPress and I have been using it since 2008. And I am highly satisfied. WordPress has made blogging easy. Still there are many other blog sites that you can try.

6. Google Analytics – After you write an article and your website is running, you should have an analytics program that tells you about your website traffic sources, time on site, visitor location and much more. A must have tool for any blogger.

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google analytics help in content optmization

7. Google Webmasters – Google’s webmaster provide you sitemap submission tool, so that Google come to know about a new post on your site. Apart from Sitemap, you will find many useful insights about your web server, crawl errors, keywords and much more.

8. Lumen5 is an online video maker designed for brands and businesses to produce engaging video content for social posts, stories, and ads. Their goal is to enable anyone without training or experience to easily create amazing videos in minutes.

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These are the seven tools I use every day. What are your favorite tools for blogging? Do write in the comment section below.

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