7 Things You Can Apply To Improve Your Blogging

Blogging can be fun, and as we know that you can also earn a living from it. So if somebody wants to improve in their blogging skills, this post is made for them.

Those who don’t know much about blogging, they should Google it or Wikipedia can be a good source of information for them. There are several points that can be considered here, but for now i am listing 7 things you can apply to improve your blogging. Yes, you can expect lots more in the future articles..

1. Scribble Ideas On Paper : Short notes can be a great help whenever you are clicked with an idea. I do it a lot. While reading stuff all around the web I generally find some cool post ideas and i immediately write it down on a piece of paper. Not the whole post, but the title. Like for example – 10 Drawbacks for naming a city to Google this idea came to me when I was surfing this story elsewhere on web.

2. Don’t Get Disturb While Writing : I have a good social network. Facebook, Twitter and Google buzz are my favorite time passers. Keep them aside while writing. Log out from every notification, messengers and things that create confusion or mistake, just concentrate on writing. It will not only improve your writing skills but it can also help you do things properly. Its human to make a mistake, but if you rectify it timely it can improve you for better.

3. Regular posting is good, but overdoing it can harm : I follow a mantra of one post a day. I have total of four blogs and all have different niche, I make one post per day on one blog. Not because i can’t write multiple posts in a day. But I think it’s not worth for me. For fresh ideas there should be thinking time. But for starters who don’t have too much experience I think one post is enough. Keep your quality high. Content is the king and quality of content is essential.

4. Expand your Niche : Expanding your niche can help you in fresh ideas in a post. If you cannot find ideas for your next post, maybe it’s due to your narrow niche. I know many of you may not agree, but I feel thinking on a particular topic everyday is very boring. Although I started this blog as a Technology Blog, but I cannot write on Technology Articles everyday. Its better to accept things. So I Expanded the topics or categories to Design, Software, Internet tips, and Blogging etc.

5. Keep your content clear : Use (headings, sub-headings, bullet points etc) it will keep your readers more engaging and people can scan out quickly. I actually don’t like reading long posts myself and I try to read the heading, points and sometimes few first lines to get an essence of what is been written. But I do bookmark posts of fellow bloggers when I generally like them, and I read them later for sure.

6. Don’t stop Reading others : Reading can improve your blogging and you can actually reach on a higher level due to reading habits. Reading newspapers (offline or online), books, novels etc can make your writing skills improve a lot.

7. Try to think in a list : List posts works great. I have many list posts on this blog. I try to keep them short, more informative and keeping myself clear. There was a time when every other post on Digg was a list post. Still list posts are attractive and they can bring traffic. Thinking in a list can improve your blogging a lot.

That’s it for today. I hope you have enjoyed the post and I will be keeping eye on your comments.

  1. Prabh says

    This is very very helpful. I was searching internet for blogs and I end up here. I just read it in 2 minutes and gained a lot. Your way of explaining is very good and impressive. I liked the concept of ‘One Post a day’.

  2. R poornima says

    Really good article…scribble ideas on paper is a very good idea…as Prabh said read 2 min. Gained a lot.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Mahantesh Bhavi says

    Linking to other websites or blogs in our blog post is a good idea? Is it really help to create back links?
    Please clear this question… really I am little bit confused in this matter.

    1. Jaspal Singh says

      Good website owners can link back to you, if you genuinely link them, and hence it will give you backlinks.

    2. Mahantesh Bhavi says

      Ohh! Thank you Sir.

  4. Neeraj Singh Rautela says

    can you tell me more about list posts or please mention some of your list posts. And how you can find different awesome posts for writing everyday. I am just start my blogging so ….

  5. komal says

    The point number 2 above is really good I usually get distracted by any notification. By the way great points mentioned.
    Thanks !!

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