4 Fab Tips for Growing Your ECommerce Brand’s Instagram Following

grow ecommerce store Instagram followers

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Instagram is one of those platforms thatís full of opportunities for any online business. Whether youíre an online sports store selling golf irons or a fab fashionista retailer peddling beautiful purses and shoes, the great thing about Instagram is that itís an easy way to share your products with your customers. Since almost all of your interactions with consumers are online, it can be a huge advantage to connect with them in a space where you can share and engage.

Instagram isnít just a place to share images of your products; itís a place to engage with current customers and attract a larger following through a uniquely crafted representation of your brand.

1 Use Instagramís free business-friendly features

Considering there are more than 500 million users on Instagram, it makes sense that the platform has started creating some features specifically made for businesses like yours. After all, Instagram is full of potential for getting new customers, which is why theyíve included call-to-action contact options, meaning users can contact you right away through Instagram by getting your email or phone number directly from the platform.

Additionally, according to Entrepreneur.com, these business profile accounts allow ďaccess to analytics, or as they call them, Insights, giving users access to impression and engagement data. If you use your Instagram account for your business, you might want to consider converting your personal profile to a business profile in order to take advantage of these options.Ē

2 Create a strong business bio

One of the best reasons for having an Instagram account, of course, is to show off your company. In addition to posting lots of pretty pictures, youíre going to want to ensure youíre taken seriously by your customers, which means having a strong business bio. Considering 75 percent of Instagram users take an action — such as visiting a company website — after having seen an Instagram advertisement, itís definitely in your best interest to invest in your Instagram bio.

According to Lyfe Marketing, the best way to to do this is by confirming your profile photo is completely relevant to your company and aesthetic, choosing a username that will be easy for users to find (because theyíre searchable), and taking the time to write the perfect bio. Words really count when youíve only got 150 characters with which to express yourself.

3 Create your own aesthetic and stick to it

What your company offers is going to very much impact the aesthetic you choose, but even if youíre a company giving advice on how to get debt collectors off your back or youíre selling accessories for cat lovers, there are still some golden rules for creating an attractive look for your Instagram account.

According to a social media report from WebDam, 60 percent of top brands on Instagram use the same filter for each and every post. Itís all about figuring out what your ideal audience wants and creating an account that reflects those desires. According to SproutSocialís guide on style, youíll want to determine brand colors, fonts for graphics, acceptable color combinations, and logos, which will make your content immediately recognizable to customers. Not sure what they want? Create a detailed buyer persona for free here.

4 Interact intelligently

Finally, your Instagram account isnít going to go anywhere fast if you donít interact well. However beautiful your pictures are, you still want to engage with your users the right way. One great idea is using Instagram stories, which allows your company to share different moments of your ďdayĒ and can draw in younger users with features like video, face filters, and the GIF-like Boomerang, according to sendible.

Youíll also want to involve your customers in your brand. For example, if you sell shoes, having them post pictures of themselves wearing your brandís footwear, using a hashtag like #showmeyourshoes, and offering the best picture a shopping reward at your online store can all help get customers talking about your business. Thereís a reason 7 out of 10 hashtags on Instagram are branded, and itís because it works! You should also consider working with influencers to increase your hits on Instagram, too. To learn more about the best ways to interact with your growing community on Instagram, check out this post.

Finally, itís a good idea to think about what will make buying your products easier for potential consumers, too. For example, taking the time to learn how to sell on Amazon can make the delivery process easier for them and more streamlined for you.

As you can see, there are lots of creative, exciting ways to grow your ecommerce brandís instagram following and redefine your brand, sharing everything youíre selling and your mission with your followers. Itís all about finding out what your consumers want and reflecting that in your companyís online identity.

Which of these Insta strategies do you think will work best for your business? Which do you think will be the most challenging to implement?