10+ The Most Useful Tools And Applications For Bloggers

Blogging this may be simple and quite process. First have to create some thoughts regarding the concerned topics and put your efforts into that with simpler words to make it crystal clear to understand, and in the meanwhile add some necessary screenshots and images which makes the visuals look beautiful. In a shortwhile should not forget the optimization part such as SEO, keywords, etc; and when you share the content on the blogs it should grab the attention so people will read it and hopefully share it with thier important suggestions as well. By following all these steps it can get quite time-consuming and many bloggers get burnt out rather quickly doing these things on a daily basis.

springpad 20+ Essential Tools and Applications For Bloggers

It’s getting lucky for us, because no more it’s going to be complicated for the bloggers anymore . We are being very thanful to the Web and technology, there are hundred’s of tools out there to help out the blogger’s process and make it less of a headache. Now there are some upcoming list that will take a look at some of the top tools and applications for making blogging easier.

Save Ideas For Later

Tools that will let your  items saved for later use are great time savers because you can save Web pages that are created with lots of dificulties like images and files as you’re reading or browsing. If you come across some interesting tool that you may want to blog about it later, now can just save it with a single click and then can have a look at it later when you have the time. These tools are just great for storing and organizing the contents so that you can even have a look later whenever you need.

Read-It-Later - readitlaterlist

With this particular tool you can save those Web pages to your Read-it-Later list so that can grab a look on the items later. Items that can be saved from your computer or mobile devices via numerous applications and integrations. You can simply access your stored items list from wherever you need doesn’t matter whether you’re online or offline.

Now here is a similar tool i.e. called as Instapaper, which works in a similar way, but doesn’t hold as many applications as the previous one. But the best thing of Instapaper is that you can forward full emails to save for later. (Read-it-Later only allows you to save links via email).

read it later 20+ Essential Tools and Applications For Bloggers

Springpad - link –  springpadit

Springpad is mostly common like Evernote, but refers to itself as “really, really smart notes.” It’s all about more than just saving notes, it also saves the tasks, will be able to set reminders with alerts, and look up items For eg- (like products, restaurants and recipes) to save. With Springpad, you don’t have to be worried about it because it does it all for you automatically. If you ever want to search for any products at nay instance, Springpad lets you remember and access those items with an easy access from your pc or from your mobile devices.

springpad 20+ Essential Tools and Applications For Bloggers

Catch - link - catch.com

It’s not so simple to people get fooled with some simple design and as we won’t let you of being fooled by someone, Catch is a very effective tool for notes that are saved as private notes, ideas, images, places, lists and many more. You can then create a sync with items between your computer and mobile device. It uses a hashtag system which much more similar like Twitter to add tags to your items for organizing. If you’re looking for a simple too without all the bells, whistles with some extra features as well then Catch is a great option. It consists of a huge variety of browser extensions and mobile apps.

catch app 20+ Essential Tools and Applications For Bloggers

Diigo - link - www.diigo.com

With Diigo you can make it easy and simple to explain the Web by highlighting, adding sticky notes, bookmarking, by taking some screenshots, saving images and much more. You can then think of to manage it all and later on you can refer your findings from your Diigo account for later use. The best think of all about diigo is – whenever you return to a page that you’ve annotated, your notes will still be available in whenever you get back. You can even see your own explanation that others have added to their pages as well. You can use Diigo to explain some specific parts of Web pages that if you want to use a blog post or to save the items that you want to read it at a later time.

diigo 20+ Essential Tools and Applications For Bloggers

Blog Editors

Many of us prefer to use the blog editor when that comes to the blogging platform, it can be much more simple to use a blog editor – especially it’s when you have more than one blog to update. With such blog editors, you can even create the post or blogs offline and then publish whenever you come back online. They often also make it easier to add pictures to your posts for eg:- drag and drop . You’ll also get to find many other features that you often try to find you fail to find that in your blogging platform.

Windows Live Writer - explore.live.com/windows-live-writer

Windows Live Writer is one of the most popular blog editors in the Windows platform. You can create new ideas and edit previous blog posts, and see what they’ll look like on your blog before publishing and set up multiple blogs. You can add all types of things like images, videos, Bing maps and more. There are 100+ plugins that you can use with Windows Live Writer in order to add more features and increase and utilise most of its functionality. One of the best thing about Windows Live Writer is it’s completely free package.

windows live writer 20+ Essential Tools and Applications For Bloggers

BlogJet - codingrobots

BlogJet considers itself to be the “most advanced Windows blog editor and manager.” With it’s WYSIWYG editor, you don’t have to add any HTML knowledge. It’s fast and lets you add Flickr images, YouTube videos and file attachments within few minutes. There are numerous other amazing features and lot’s more with numerous blogging formats. Unlike Windows Live Writer, BlogJet is not comparable, but there is a free demo version.

blogjet 20+ Essential Tools and Applications For Bloggers

Qumana -  www.qumana.com

Qumana is a desktop blog editor that lets you edit and publish posts to more than one of your blogs. One of the best benefit of this is it can also be used offline and includes text formatting, Technorati tagging, and the ability to add images and advertising to your posts. Qumana works on both Windows and Mac and lets you type in the WYSIWYG editor or Source view for eg:- for editing your own HTML .

qumana 20+ Essential Tools and Applications For Bloggers

Deepest Sender -  deepestsender.mozdev.org

Deepest Sender is one more blog editor that lives in your browser. It runs Firefox inside, SeaMonkey and XULRunner, now i hope things are getting interesting. You can even add multiple accounts to be used with the WYSIWYG editor. It can be used as a full page editor in a new tab or right from the sidebar, which will let you drag and drop text and images from the Web right into the editor. There are more other great features that includes crash recovery, drafts, post editing and offline mode.

deepestsender 20+ Essential Tools and Applications For Bloggers

These tools will help you create content much faster and also will help you to make your posts more interesting to your readers.

Zemanta -  www.zemanta.com

Zemanta is a tool that works on the side of your blog editor. There are also some additional feature you can even use quite a few browser and server-side plugins that can help you to enrich your blog posts. As you’re typing in your blog editor, Zemanta will analyze your words and then it will suggest images, tags, links and related articles for your content. Zemanta have features over 10 million images that you can use, all with the proper licensing.

zemanta 20+ Essential Tools and Applications For Bloggers


If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get opinions or feedback from your readers, creating surveys and polls, now here it is PollDaddy which is a great option to get some feedback from your readers they even rate your blogs by the help of PollDaddy. You can get quick responses from your readers, plus it’s an easy way to keep tally instead of having to go through all of your comments individually. PollDaddy has a survey editor within it that is customizable and easy to use. You can even get immediate responses from people using your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with the iOS app. Now hope this is the great feature which is gonna help you a lot.

polldaddy 20+ Essential Tools and Applications For Bloggers