Wireless Mouse : Best Buying Guide for the Accessory

Wireless Mouse works using RF technology which uses radio frequency to transfer the pieces of information to the computer. The two main components inside it are transmitter and receiver. The transmitter is responsible for sending Electromagnetic signals and encoding the exact movement of mouse and the buttons clicked on it.

The receiver is responsible for decoding the pieces of information received from the transmitter and passing on signals to the mouse device software and operating system so that optimum decisions are made.

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Microsoft Intellimouse Pro – White Shadow

  • Work and gaming-ready take, fan-favourite wired mouse design
  • Upgraded PixArt tracking sensor, more responsive buttons and distinctive details
  • Quickly and efficiently complete
  • Improved top key actuation lifecycle for intense
  • Repeated use – plus improved skirt abrasion performance
  • Ergonomic design

Adesso iMouse T40-2.4 GHz Wireless 4 Button Desktop Trackball

  • The trackball location allows users to move their cursor
  • It is cable free by utilizing the 2.4 GHz radio frequency technology, offering a wireless range of up to 30 feet
  • Fully programmable
  • With its 5 levels of DPI resolutions

Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse, Light Grey

  • Flawless transitions between devices
  • Patented magnetic scrolling for precise control
  • Surface Precision Mouse
  • Rechargeable Lithium ion battery that lasts up to 3 Months
  • USB 2.1, Bluetooth Low energy 4.0/4.1/4.2 compatible

Microsoft Precision Mouse – Black

  • Flows with flawless scrolling
  • Beautiful ergonomic design
  • Three programmable buttons
  • Stay productive
  • Patented magnetic scrolling for precise control
  • Customizable design
  • Works seamlessly across, up to three computers.2 Supports both Bluetooth and wired USB connection

3M Ergonomic Wireless Optical Mouse

  • Really comfortable for small hands
  • Tracking is very accurate
  • ‘Scroll’ up and down function
  • Great control and
  • Helps pointing and clicking/dragging

Logitech M337 Wireless Mouse, Bluetooth, 1000 DPI Laser Grade Optical Sensor, 10-Month Battery Life, PC/Mac/Laptop – Black

  • Slip the comfort M337 mouse into your laptop bag or pocket so you have it anywhere you need it
  • Comfortable curved shape for right or left hand use with rubber grips, keeps your hand feeling comfortable, even after long hours of use
  • 10 month battery life 

The mouse works on Infrared technology. A bright red light seen glowing upside-down helps in the working of the mouse. The movement of the mouse is observed by the infrared sensor making the cursor move on the screen.

Types Of Wireless Mouse

Optical Mouse

  • The oldest and most standard versions of a wireless mouse
  • Proven to be the best to date
  • Functions with Infrared technology

RF Technology Mouse

  • Work with the help of Radio frequency technology
  • Successful communication with the computer

. The two main components inside it are transmitter and receiver.

The Transmitter

  • Fitted inside the mouse
  • Sends radio signals
  • Helps in encoding the exact movement of mouse and clicks
  • Responsible for decoding the details received by the transmitter
  • Passing to operating system and the mouse’s software for action
  • Runs on infrared technologies
  • Has restrictions as it needs a clear line of sight
  • Work through barriers such as the desk and the monitor.
  • Inexpensive
  • Can work with the help of batteries
  • Very lightweight

Pair the transmitter and the receiver in the right way withour any interference.

Bluetooth Mice

  • Bluetooth wirelessly connects peripherals to computer
  • The range of its operation is 33 feet (10 meters)
  • Range of 2.4GHz of RF technology
  • Every laptop or a computer has Bluetooth connection
  • Pair the device with the mouse to use it

Buying Guide For Wireless Mouse

Connection (RF vs. Bluetooth)

  • RF and Bluetooth devices are more preferred
  • Bluetooth devices are more chosen
  • RF devices come with a router to be plugged into the USB port
  • RF auses a lot of interference in its frequencies causing hindrance
  • Bluetooth is free of the router and connects very easily
  • Bluetooth mouse is a wise option to choose

Shape and Size and Comfort

  • Ease of use, shape, and size
  • Designed not to cause any pain or stress thru continuous use
  • People involve continuous use of the mouse prioritize comfort

Choose device according to need

  • Many wireless mouse options are available online
  • They are different kinds available for different needs
  • Gaming mouse offers ergonomic benefits for easy use and comfort for long period


  • DPI or Dots Per Inch is one of the technical functionalities
  • Needs to be looked upon while buying
  • The amount of distance the cursor moves for each inch it moves
  • Higher DPI causes the mouse to work fast
  • Lower DPI causes the work to be more precise and accurate

Clicking Sound

  • When busy with work schedule, sound of clicking buttons very annoying
  • Choose mouse which generates least noise
  • Does not add to work stress


  • Should fit into your hands
  • May not be able to work correctly using it
  • Cause tiredness and pain in hands
  • Choose a product which grips into hands easily


  • Users should go for a mouse
  • No hindrance in movement
  • Not precise
  • To be productive choose best sensor resolution
  • Good DPI Resolution is must
Wireless Mouse


  • Any standard mouse comes with the left-click, right-click, and the scroll button.
  • Advanced wireless mice come with extra fitted buttons on sides
  • Used for specific functions like back button
  • Handy while consistently working on the same programs
  • Easy to set up.

Battery Life

  • Bluetooth mouse has a battery life of about two years
  • RF technology mouse works for a longer period
  • Always economical to choose long-lasting battery life


  • A product is worth a buy that gives surety to get repaired/replaced if fails
  • Choose a product with a long warranty period