Best Wi-Fi Hotspot Apps for Android

wifi hotspot

Mobile data designs are getting less expensive constantly; however, nothing beats the great old Wi-Fi hotspot. Not at all like your data plan, Wi-Fi hotspots are free and offer boundless internet access. You would now be able to watch anything progressing without worrying about debilitating your mobile data plan.

While Android telephones accompany a Wi-Fi manager that will examine your encompassing territory for hotspots, it has neglected to advance past a point and offer just fundamental highlights.

Today, I will share a portion of the best Wi-Fi hotspot applications for Android that will enable you to discover free hotspots adjacent (think Starbucks and Google here) alongside their passwords.

  • Avast Wi-Fi finder

avast wifi finder

Avast offers a standout amongst other antivirus applications for the Android platform, however, that isn’t the main item in their weapons store. They additionally have a Wi-Fi discoverer application that works ideal out of the container.

It accompanies an inherent guide highlight which will bring up all the Wi-Fi hotspots accessible in the territory. You can check whether they are secure or not. There is a speed test highlight that will enable you to decide the quickest hotspot to interface with, however, as a rule; Avast Wi-Fi Finder will call attention to the speediest system of course.

The application will rate every Wi-Fi arrange for protection and security since you recognize what they say: data is the new oil.

At long last, there is a disconnected mode to save all of the hotspots on the off chance that you are heading out abroad and need to save money on data. The application is allowed to utilize however accompanies promotions.

Download avast wifi finder from here.

  • Wi-Fi map

wifi map

While Avast Wi-Fi Finder is a decent application, it misses the mark with regards to secret key ensured Wi-Fi systems. This is the place Wi-Fi Maps comes into the market. Consider it an interpersonal organization where clients share passwords of Wi-Fi hotspots accessible to the overall population.

The application professes to have a system of around 100 million clients who have shared more than 120 million Wi-Fi systems. That is a considerable measure of hotspots.

It accompanies an intelligent guide which will show every one of the hotspots accessible in the city. Underneath the guide, you will discover a rundown that will show hotspots’ area with remove.

Wi-Fi Maps works basically wherever you go including nations like Africa and Europe. Regardless of whether you are sitting in Starbucks or a shopping center, you won’t need to request the secret key any longer once more.

The disconnected mode will spare hotspots with passwords for the whole city, so you needn’t bother with a functioning web association with finding them. Agree to accept a free record to impart new hotspots in your general vicinity to the network and help it develop.

The application is allowed to utilize and you can evacuate ads for $1.99.

Download wifi map from here.

  • Wiman free Wi-Fi map


Wiman, as it is prevalently called by designers and clients, is another Wi-Fi hotspot finder application with a database of more than 60 million hotspots around the world. Like Wi-Fi Map, Wiman accompanies an intuitive guide, a solid client base, disconnected maps, and system and speed testing instruments. Not at all like the previous, Wiman has a wonderful UI that is a delight to utilize and explore.

One component that I like is the capacity to share your Wi-Fi with the network. In this way, on the off chance that you have a shop with Wi-Fi get to, you can utilize the application to list your area and secret key for different clients.

As a client, you can set top picks and needs which implies if there are in excess of one Wi-Fi hotspots in the territory, you will dependably be associated with the one you have shortlisted.

There is a support for Android wear too which should make life less demanding. The application is advertisement upheld however generally free.

Download wiman free wifi map from here.

  • WiFiMapper


WifiMapper, developed by Open Signal, is presumably the most prevalent name in the rundown. A crowdsourced arrangement that will enable you to distinguish Wi-Fi hotspots in your general vicinity. A functioning client network frequently refreshes the database with audits and passwords of hotspots they have found.

What makes WifiMapper significantly more helpful isn’t the moderate and useful UI or the 500 million in number hotspots list, however the application’s incorporation with Foursquare. This gives you extra data about the place like sustenance and beverages quality, menus, et cetera.

On the off chance that you are searching for, significantly more, I recommend you download Open Signal. Aside from the intuitive Wi-Fi delineate, the application will likewise find and show all the cell towers in the zone. This implies not any more flag issues or call-drops. Open Signal likewise accompanies a navigation tab. A big blue arrow that will point you the correct way.

One proviso is the failure to download city maps to utilize disconnected; notwithstanding, the developers have specified it in their rundown of future updates.

Both the applications are allowed to download and utilize and there are no promotions at all. I would prescribe you to utilize both the applications to receive the most in return.

Download WifiMapper from here.

  • WiFi Finder

wifi finder

WiFi Finder is another Wi-Fi hotspot discoverer application that will enable you to find free Wi-Fi hotspots in your region. It works simply like some other hotspot application yet without the extravagant accessories. You won’t locate a functioning network to associate with or any internet based life combination.

There is, be that as it may, an approach to include new Wi-Fi systems and you can download hotspots for disconnected utilize yet for a yearly charge of $4.99. You can likewise channel hotspots in view of classifications like cafeterias, shopping centers, workplaces, etc. This will enable you to design your trip better.

The application isn’t precisely a victor when you contrast it with any semblance of Open Signal and WiFi Maps, yet at the same time an alternative if nothing else works.

Download wifi finder from here.


The Internet has turned into a piece of our lives to such an extent that we can’t envision a world without it. The numbers of Wi-Fi hotspots are on the ascent and we require an application to stay updated on their area and execution.

Likewise, let us think about your most loved Wi-Fi hotspot applications in the comment section beneath.