Which is the the Best Video Converter Software in 2019

wondershare uniconverter

Converting videos from one format to another is what a video converter software do as a primary function, but what if your video converter can tailor your video to playback on any device you might have? And how will it be if it can download videos from the internet? Wouldn’t that be awesome?.

Wondershare UniConverter is the software that I was referring to. It not only converts video files from one format to another but it does so much more. It’s highly professional, functional and effortless to work with.

Let’s me tell you some of the features that I liked about Wondershare’s Video Converter and why do I consider it as the best video converter in 2019.

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Main Features of this converter software are:

  1. Converting Videos
  2. Editing Videos
  3. Burn DVD
  4. Download Videos
  5. Transfer Videos
  6. GIF Maker, Screen Recorder and Casting VIdeos to TV.

1. Converting Videos is the primary function of any video converter software, and Wondershare does it with highest speed and quality. The video conversion can be done to any format whatsoever.

The latest version of Wondershare video converter is 10, which is 30x more faster and supports over 1,000 formats for conversion.

You can convert your video to any device such as iPhone iPad, Apple TV, VR, PSDP, Insta 360, PSP, XBOX etc. See the full list here.

2. Editing Videos is another brilliant feature of Wondershare Video Converter that allows trimming and cropping videos, applying magical effects, adding subtitles etc.

You can also add a watermark to your video for protecting its copyright in an image or text form. Its interface is quite intuitive, and you can easily edit your videos quickly.

3. Burning a DVDfrom your video converter can also becomes easy with Wondershare video converter. You can convert any format to DVD, edit DVD Files with built-in editor, burn and use the free DVD templates to get the desired output.

4. Downloading Videos with Wondershare Video Converter is another favorite activity It do, any online video from popular video sharing sites like YouTube, Dailymotion and other user generated content sites can be downloaded quickly. You can also convert any video to an MP3 file to only get the music out of it.

Downloading the entire YouTube playlist and recording videos from a live streaming site is another excellent addition that you can do with your Wondershare converter.

5. Transfer Videos to any devices and external hard drives with just one click is what this converter can do. Download any 4k video from your favorite video sharing site and transfer those to your handheld devices to view them in offline mode whenever you like.

6. GIF Maker, Screen Recorder and Casting VIdeos to TV – Wondershare video converter version 10 give you the ultimate power with more video tools like a GIF maker to convert your photos or video into a GIF picture, Casting video to your media server or a TV, Recording Screen of your computer with Screen Recorder technology and last but not the least converting your videos into a VR format for awesome experiences with your VR devices.

Check out this video from Wondershare introducing the new Video Converter Ultimate version 10.


Wondershare UniConverter is certainly the most comprehensive converter software available in the market today. Not only does it convert video files, but it also give you numerous useful video tools to satisfy all your needs and wants from a professional converter. The pricing of ultimate 10 version is given below in the image and its totally justified.

Wondershare UniConverterDo tell us, what all features you want in a video converter and start using Wondershare Video Converter from today to get numerous benefits while converting video files.

* Wondershare Technology is a Publicly listed company, Wondershare UniConverter is one of their main products.
* Wondershare Technology has many famous products, such as Filmora.
* Wondershare focus on Video/Audio for more than 10 years, Wondershare is an expert in Video/Audio.