Best 10 ways to Build Links without Content

Good quality content certainly helps in building practical and lucrative links for any website. Although the content is important to get better SEO rankings in SERP listing, it is not always necessary to have fresh content for properly creating new links.

These are the 10 best ways to build new links without adding fresh content to your website: 

linkbuildingLinks that mention you

When you see another website has mentioned your company, product, etc. in a positive light, it is important to gauge the potential of building a link to that website.

Approach the website after considering the worth of building a link with it. It is always good to start with an appreciative gesture. Then request them politely to help you link your website to the mentioned content.

Reclaim old links

As websites need constant updating, it is inevitable for several links to get lost in the process.

Starting an activity to realign all broken and bad links to your website is, in my experience, the first step towards stronger link building process.

Build broken links

Reconnecting broken links is the most practical way to make a stronger linking network of your website.

Find out all the websites that hold these expired links for old content and request them to update these for renewed evaluation.

Linking images

Images are one of the ubiquitous aspects of websites today. They can be corporate logos and other such proprietary images. I always remind my clients to expect seeing their logo or brand name on another website.

This is not always a cause for concern about infringement of your copyrights. If you see the host website using your logo (or another proprietary image) in a positive manner, request that website to link the image to your own website.

Local link building

I have always put emphasis on having a stronger local linking network. With the revision of rules for SERP process, local businesses have become easier for users to locate.

Building a strong local link network will help you make a strong user base.

HARO Linking

HARO (Help A Reporter Out) is the latest and most efficient way to garner media attraction. This website allows alerts when a reporter is trying to get a quote from relevant industrial sources.

HARO exposure certainly helps get better press reviews for your website or company. 

Relevant linking

Niche directories (also called as RND – Relevant Niche Directory) are one of the surest ways to reach out to relevant online users for your website.

Check for the quality of service and number of relevant users to select the best-suited RND. 

Link with contests

Attractive offers and interesting contests on your website also offer a great opportunity to create more widespread links.

Review links

Positive reviews highlight attractive aspects of a website. It is important to create a good network of links relating to such website reviews.

Creating a link from a renowned website’s review to yours helps increase the user’s trust and sense of reliability.

Community linking

Creating community through links ensures a strong and active linking network.

Initiating a sense of community amongst regular users ensures higher customer retention rate.

Keep these 10 things in mind to create useful and profitable back-links to your website for significantly improved user traffic.

The above tips and tricks are co-edited with inputs from an SEO company in Mumbai, India.